Corey Martinez’s signature Beacon frame from United is in its second version and has made a few small improvements from the first:

We have made a couple of changes to Corey's signature frame, and dubbed it the Beacon v2.What with the evolution and constant progression of Corey's riding, parts that he puts his name to have to do the same. The Beacon v2 features a couple of changes from the original, as well as new graphics the most notable change is the removal of the built in pivotal seat post back to a more traditional seat tube. The v2 still features the same tube set, higher stand over height, elevated stays that help with grind clearance (especially luc-e grinds) and tiny dropouts that still work with pegs and a United hubguard when run slammed. Cosmetic touches such as engraved lines in headtube & bb, name stamped gussets finish the frame off. Shine like a Beacon.