The latest round of Dennis Enarson‘s Unclicked Podcast has arrived! This time around he sat down with Garrett Reynolds to talk about growing up in New Jersey, resurrecting Deadline, what he has going on with Fiend, stories from the old Dew Tour contests, what he’s got going on with riding from filming and traveling to what he’s been up to off the bike and more. Dennis and Garrett have a lot of history so they get into a bunch of good stories. The podcast isn’t embeddable, so check it out over on the UNCLICKED PODCAST BUZZSPROUT PAGE!

This week’s guest is Garrett Reynolds. In case you have been living under a rock or don’t follow bmx, Garrett is known as being the best street rider in the world. We talk about all that he’s been up to, his companies Fiend and Deadline, and just have fun catching up. One of my favorite people in bmx, enjoy!