Sean Dwight leads Robert DeWilde. Train as smart as Sean does and you can expect to find yourself out in front.

For almost as long as BMX has been around, people have wondered about the most effective ways to train to become a successful racer. Back in the day, hill riding was the end-all be-all. Then came sprints. After that it was tuna fish in-between motos and riding around with your seat jacked up. If you’ve ever wondered where to go to get some guidance on what to do in the off season, you’ve come to the right place. We sat down with certified trainer Sean Dwight (who just happens to be a crazy fast AA Pro) and asked him about his services and what he has to offer in the way of a personalized training program. Can he help you go faster? There’s only one way to find out.

How long have you been training BMX athletes?
I worked in a gym at home (Australia) as a SSC for a few years that catered for athletes, not your typical bodybuilding meathead gym, this allowed me to Specialize in Sports Conditioning. Some of these sports include Golf, Rugby League, Softball, Soccer, and Basketball to name a few. BMX is not as serious in Australia so I did not have the opportunity to help to many racers.

What are your credentials?
Specialist in Sports Conditioning (ISSA), Fitness Leader (ACHPER), Level 1 BMX Coach (NCAS).
I have spent a fortune on studying a variety of Strength, Conditioning, and Sports Specific courses and will continue to do this type of research and study. I have been lucky enough to work and build great friendships with some of the best strength coaches in the world.
I have raced BMX for 21 years, so I also have studied our sport in detail and have gained a heap of hands on experience as a result. Being my own guinea pig is starting to pay off for the guys I help out. As an amateur I was frustrated coming through class’s and finally into Pro, not knowing what or how to train and no one to ask. So I would like to give others the opportunity to have that someone to turn to and not be frustrated.

Who have you trained?
When I first came to the USA in 2000 I lived with Ian Stoffel in Phoenix. That was the year he won the ABA’s National Number One Amateur title; he has enormous talent. I also helped out a good buddy of mine, Clint Gower, while I lived there. I have always helped out Warwick Stevenson, even as he was growing up he was always annoying meówanting to come to gym with me as a scrawny teenager (laughter). Its good to see him get what he deserves this year. I have lived with Kyle Bennett for about the last 18 months in Texas and he has finally started making his mark on the AA Pro class. He has an excellent future ahead.
Finally, the last person that I have hooked up with is Greg Romero. I started helping him out back in June. It’s been great seeing him get out in front again and making mains consistently towards the end of the year.

Are you offering your services to everyone or is it just other AA’s?
No, definitely not just AA’s. I am trying to set up a business as a BMX strength trainer as a fulltime career. Every other sport has someone to advise them, but we do not! I can see so much potential in our sport for this position.

If a regular kid can sign up with you, how does it work? What do they get, and how much does it cost? How detailed does the program get? Are there different levels with different costs, or is it one, all-inclusive deal?
My cost for the service I am offering is $US329 for the initial consultation & first 8 weeks of training. The initial consultation is designed to discuss & cover the following items, which are a necessity in designing the training schedule.

*Goal Setting (Short & Long Term)
*Strengths & Weaknesses
*Bike Set Up
*Diet analysis
*Injury History
*Any other information that may be of assistance in designing the program.
After the initial consultation it will $US129 for each subsequent 4 week period.

If you’re curious about training, this is the guy you need to talk to.

When the kid pays the initial fee and the subsequent $129 for four weeks after, besides the analysis and the things you mentioned, what else is included? For example, if the kid lives in Maryland or Texas or something, would a training booklet filled with specific exercises and instructions show up at his door every month?
Yes, I send them everything that they need on paper via the Internet. The initial consultation is basically “lets get to know each other as quickly as possible,” so I can decide what they need to work on. The more information they can provide, the better. I can be contacted anytime with whatever questions they have, as well as by e-mail or phone. I design my programs to be user friendly so that the clients can get straight to training. I do the thinking not them!

Do the kids have to be a certain age to have you train them?
I would like to work with the age class 13 & up.

Do they need to sign any type of contract or confidentiality agreement?
I speak to them about confidentiality, but most people realize that if they are going to pay someone for a service to achieve an edge on the competition that they would rather keep this edge for as long as possible.

How can kids who are interested contact you?
Those interested may contact me at [email protected]