These are, of course, the most viewed videos on Not the internet. Because vlog. But hey, people still did some fucking awesome stuff in 2016 that didn’t involve pointing the camera at themselves and talking excessively…and that’s what we have here. Here are the top ten most viewed videos on our little corner of the internet…


10. Lil Juice Whippin’ El Toro
Besides the whole whippin’ El Toro status thing…could this have been more serendipitous? I’ve been in several situations over the years where security actually becomes the motivator…it’s now or never. And god damn, Lil Juice made it happen now.


9. Sean Ricany’s Pro Part
Sean often makes me wonder what it’s like to have that much bike control. His Pro Part is absolute fire, even nearly a year later…


8. Dave Mirra Tribute
I put this little edit together for when Dave presented at NORA Cup in 2015. After his death, it made sense to put it online as a bit of a tribute to him, since it really was a (very brief) summation of everything that made Mirra, well…Mirra. The riding, the fame, the video game…it was all part of the legacy he left us.


7. Fox BMX – The Texas Two Wheelers
I believe this video did really well because of the fall that Chase took at 5:30 and the resulting commentary shit storm brought on by helmet-thumpers. Or maybe it’s just kinda awesome because it’s something different. Either way, I enjoyed it.


6. Kody Bricen – BMX Progression
Thanks to Kody’s rural habitat, over-active willingness to huck himself, and access to varying quality of cameras, we get this montage of Kody going from doing 360 fly outs to double flairs on a homemade resi. All set to, of all songs in the world, Blink182.


5. Trey Jones – The End
Some wholesome bicycle abuse really triggers the internet. This confusing piece of art from Trey did a lot of that, to the point where you either loved or absolutely hated it. But, in the end, it doesn’t even matter.


4. How To Make Vans Footwear
I’ll be honest and just say that I never watched this video until now. It must have been circulated a lot, simply because Vans is one hell of a legacy brand and everyone wants to see how ‘dem things on their feet gets made.

3.Tyler Fernengel’s Haro BMX Section
Two years of injuries, clips, then more injuries. Tyler put in work and laid waste to everything for his long awaited Haro section and it showed, racking up the views right quick.


2. Ty Morrow “NO BICYCLES”
Dropping just two weeks before NORA Cup, Ty’s section had people e-mailing us to change their vote last minute. Winner of the Best Web Video Part Of The Year, it’s no doubt why it’s one of the most viewed videos of the year, as well..


1. The Ramp II: Trey Jones & Colt Fake
A magical combo. After watching the edit again and reading the description I originally wrote for the video, I realize that I could not sum up what makes this video so great any better than I already did: “Witnessing Trey and Colt's version of riding revived a very fundamental idea of what BMX is supposed to be for me. Freestyle BMX, for all its abstractness, is the only way to describe it. Doing things because you want to, forgetting the masses, and above all, having fun. Darryl Tocco and I spent a week straight with Trey and Colt and by the end, we were bigger fans of Trey and absolute fan boys of Colt Fake… Enjoy five minutes of honest fun and pure destruction from these two bosses in our fourth installment of The Ramp II…”