Trends come and go, but trends will always exist. Here’s what we decided were the most popular trends of 2016…in no particular order, of course (otherwise vlogging would probably be #1).


10. Vlogging
Never saw this one coming, did you? Video logging has taken BMX by the masses. Scotty Cranmer, Austin Augie, Billy Perry, John Hicks, and Alfredo Mancuso all found relative success in 2016. Many more have jumped on the proverbial v-train with camera pointed selfward. While I admit that I struggle to see the entertainment value in long-form, mundane (in my opinion) videos, I also understand that I have a jaded view on the subject. Vlogs are for people/kids who want to live and breath BMX. They want cool friends who do cool things. They want to be extroverted, entertaining people themselves, so they're enamored with a life different than their own. And that's fine with me…it just ain't for me. And I say that knowing that we're going to kick off an "editor's log" series here soon, but I promise to point the camera forward as much as possible…


I figured we should just get the YouTube related ones over with off the bat. While EXTREME VIDEO TITLING goes hand in hand with vlogging, it's most definitely not limited to it. INSANE. EPIC. NO FEAR. DEATH. BMX VS (insert anything here). I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. It's not clickbait if you meant it…right?



8. The Feeble 540
Shoutout to Wolfman for doing the first ever feeble 540 like eight years back (I say that knowing I could be wrong). But now, it seems like the feeble 540 is poppin' up in every notable section there is. Garrett's banger in his X Games Real Street part (below) is probably the gnarliest, but Ty Morrow threw a heavy one in his Fiend edit. Both Brett Silva and Mark Burnett did one in Sunday Grow Up. So did Paley and Donnachie in Transmission. Bruno Hoffmann does one in every video somehow. It's the new feeble hard bar, except you gotta have muscles.


7. The Death Of The Web Edit (AKA The Birth Of The Web Part)
I know I put death in the title (clickbait), but this is a good thing. Day edits, skatepark edits, etc. are all but completely absent in the day-to-day of online BMX. It's a two-folded situation. Instagram's minute-long videos are a viable thing to put effort into. Then you have ever-annoying issue of music clearance. It's just not worth putting effort into "just another edit." Meanwhile, the value of a "web part" is on the rise. Long form online video has proved viable with the likes of Kink Intervention and Volume's series, so the idea of saving for a year to put out a web section doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore. And there's the fact that we introduced the NORA Web Part Of They Year a couple years back, as well… More effort. More culmination. More shit to be proud of. I'm down with the birth of the web part…


6. Accepting Scooters
I know you're mad. Before 2016, hopping on a scooter and throwing a whip in a video would incite some sort of holy war against your persona. But now, Begin is practically pro on a scooter. We got LZ making Scooter/BMX Love shirts. Common Crew rolls deep with the scoots. Fit is crackin’ jokes at it (2:00 below). Pretty sure Simple Session is plotting to have a scooter contest sometime soon, too. Personally, I couldn't really give a fuck. With the same breath that I could hate on a kid for riding a scooter, I would also have to defend a kid for riding a BMX bike. It's all the same shit. Maybe we can all join up and get everything allowed in (skate)parks and give one, giant collective middle finger to skateboarder's egos…


5. Iphone Zoom/Cut
I must be old, because I don't even know how ya'll do this. I'm kinda into it, but much like even the hottest girl: someone sees enough of her to be tired of her shit. It may be time to move on. Shout out to Francis Castro for perfectly summing this up in 15 seconds…


4. Disenfranchised Midschool
I kinda think of the midschool-thumpers as Trump voters where they're all sitting there talking about how we should "Make BMX Great Again." Guess what? It never stopped being great, you prick. Sorry, I'm worked up. But I firmly believe, even as someone who grew up in the midschool, that BMX is just as great—or greater—than it ever has been. Older riders get "disenfranchised" because their version of BMX isn't prevalent anymore. What they loved isn't what new riders love. That's perfectly fucking fine because, you know what? BMX doesn't belong to anyone. When riders should hold onto their version of BMX, but hating other people for doing something different is vehemently against what BMX should be about. Freestyle 'n all that.



3. Side Hustle
Ricany has Further poppin'. Grant Germain is coming on Sean's coattails with Overwhelmed. Austin Augie is pushing products through his YouTube following designed by Box Palm, which is made by Albert Mercado. Al also has some other shit on the horizon with Box Palm, too. And, of course, there's all the other companies like The Trip, Peepgame, etc. that have been around. And really, #10 on this list is basically a side hustle, too. Everyone gotta eat.



2. Return Of The Mission
I may be being romantic about this one, but it definitely seems like putting in work ain't frowned upon anymore. Searching out spots just for the sake of adventure will always be more rewarding than going to the same old flat ledge. Building spots for the betterment of the scene will always be dope. Put in work and find out how rewarding it can be… Jason Enns is probably the leader of the pack.


1. Themed Instagrams
Like putting metal pegs on things? @dailypegchink. Damn dawg, you ain't got no pegs? @sadpeglesssociety. Only dude at the park with brakes? @brakesquad. Are you a disenfranchised midschool BMXer? @y2kbmx. There's also @backrailfufanu and @tables_and_turndowns for those missing specific tricks. If you feel ill-represented in modern day riding, there's an Instagram out there for you…

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