1. Ray’s MTB Park – Cleveland, Ohio

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9801 Walford Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102
Opened: Fall 2004
Size: 103,000 sq. ft.
Link: raysmtb.com
Hours and price vary

It’s funny how a park designed with mountain bikers in mind can have so much appeal to BMX riders, but Ray’s took the top spot in this article by a landslide. You will never hear a pro rider say he or she didn’t have fun at Ray’s. If we’ve ever said “this place has something for everyone” we take it back because Ray’s is the definition of that statement. Want to ride goofy elevators, teeter-totters, and logs? You got it. Want to ride a set of wooden trails complete with berms, hips, and step-ups? No problem. Want to learn a trick in the foam and take it to the resi before pulling it on a real box? Go ahead. Want to find new lines in a wooden bowl? Be Ray’s guest. Or how about race around a wooden pump track? You can do that, too—and all in one 103,000-sq. ft. facility. Ray’s is quite literally a playground for bike riders and probably one of the most fun places on the planet to ride. And you didn’t hear this from us, but even the roof of the building has awesome stuff to ride.

Ray’s has definitely become a staple for riders in the Midwest and videos like Road Fools Rock N’ Roll Tour have helped give the place publicity in recent years. Albe’s mail order even sponsors a bike night so head out there on Sunday evenings for the best BMX sessions.

“There’s seriously a five-minute run you can do without hitting the same ramp twice.” – Brad Gethard
“It was built with great ingenuity. When I ride there I can’t stop smiling!” – Ben Snowden

Ray\'s MTB Park Layout

Honestly, what other park in the world needs an illustrated map like a theme park? Click to enlarge and visually explore…

The following photos are from Taj’s blog

2. The Unit – Greenville, North Carolina

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Built: 2004
Size: 15,000 sq. ft.
No public sessions

We hate to say it, but the number two spot on this list goes to a place you will probably never get the chance to ride. Ryan Nyquist’s private ramp warehouse in Greenville is one of the favorite parks amongst the pros but it isn’t open to the public. If you befriend a local, there’s a good chance you may be able to work your way into a session, but don’t expect to be show up randomly, slap down a ten spot, and start shredding.

With everything from bowled corners, spines, hips, box jumps, and curved wallrides, the place is pretty much a concrete park made out of wood. If a pro that has been in the game for more than a decade decides to build a private, indoor riding spot for him and his friends, you can bet it’s going to be awesome. Ryan Nyquist spared no expenses when building this dream setup, then just recently moved across the country to be closer to his family leaving the keys to The Unit with his friends in “Pro Town.”

Photo by Jordan Vilonna.

3. Mesh – Longwood, Florida

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881 B West Warren Ave.
Longwood, Florida 32750

Opened: February 2005
Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
Link: meshskatepark.com
Hours and price may vary

Chad DeGroot and a business partner opened the doors of Mesh almost four years ago and have since helped to keep the thriving Orlando scene growing. The park is home to the world-famous annual Baco-A-Go-Go jam known for its wild parties and insane riding. The park is divided into two sides, the bike side with the infamous camel hump jumps, vert wall, horseshoe bowl, hips, spines, mini ramp, and wallride; and the skate side with banks, ledges, rails, and wallrides. There used to be an outdoor bowl, but the wet Florida weather eventually got the best of it.

Chad DeGroot stays busy and does a great job of promoting the park so there are always new pros in town visiting even though central Florida isn’t an easy road trip destination. In addition to DeGroot; Mark Mulville, Trey Jones, and Johnny Devlin are all park locals so you are pretty much guaranteed to see good riding if you show up. Oh, and if you need any new parts, shoes, or clothes while at Mesh, they have you covered with their amazing pro shop inside the park.

Here’s our video from the ’08 Baco contest at Mesh…

Mesh Skateaprk

Mesh Skateaprk
Photos from meshskatepark.com.

4. The Flow – Columbus, Ohio

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4252 Groves Rd.
Columbus, OH 43232

Opened: July 2001
Size: 50,000 sq. ft.
Link: ridetheflow.com
Hours and price may vary

The last two wooden parks on our list are both monstrous compared to most parks in the county. It’s almost ridiculous to have such a large indoor park, but we certainly aren’t complaining. The Flow is definitely one of those places where you can session different sections of the park without bothering the people in the other areas—and it’s big enough that you could probably session a few sections one day, then the rest of the park another day. And what’s more is the place isn’t even full! They still have plenty more room to add more ramps, so they are always building and expanding the park. If you are looking for a particular setup, there’s a good chance The Flow has it.

The annual Dirty East contest at The Flow draws tons of heavy hitters like Jeremiah Smith, Brian Hunt, AJ Anaya, Charlie Bowers, Zack Gerber, Maddog, and more. And just like so many other parks on our list, the Road Fools tour has made a stop at The Flow to enjoy all that it has to offer.

The Flow Skateaprk

The Flow Skateaprk

The Flow Skateaprk

The Flow Skateaprk

The Flow Skateaprk

The Flow Skateaprk

The Flow Skateaprk

The Flow Skateaprk

Photos from ridetheflow.com.

5. Rye Airfield – Rye, New Hampshire

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170 Lafayette Rd.
Rye, NH 03870

Opened: April 2002
Size: 50,000 sq. ft.
Link: ryeairfield.com
Hours and price may vary

We could literally copy and paste the paragraph that we wrote about The Flow and place it here under Rye Airfield. Rye is absolutely massive, has tons of ramps including a vert ramp and bowl, draws hoards of big name riders, and puts on a really good contest every year. And once again Road Fools has made an appearance at the park helping spread the word to the masses about what a great place it is to ride.