Over the last year or so, there have been quite a few rumblings about a new line of titanium BMX products that were going to hit the market under the name Throdwn. No that is not a misspelling. Just recently the owner and founder of Throdwn reached out with the official press release for the brand’s debut and a couple of their initial product offerings.

It has been quite a while since the last time there was a lot of talk about titanium product in the BMX race market – one of the most successful being the Redline titanium products that debuted back in 2001. I can’t wait to check out these new products and see how they perform when put up against the tried and true of other popular materials.

“Throdwn Titanium Products Change the Game

It may seem strange that game-changing BMX products come to the world from Southern Wisconsin–we get it.  We’re proud of our Midwestern roots, but it’s just our home base.  The reality is, Throdwn titanium frames and cranks were “made” in Tulsa, and Louisville, and Nashville and Zolder, and Rockford and Pittsburgh, and dozens of other racing cities we have visited over the three years of developing the final product we’re introducing today.  

Like the best racers in the sport, Throdwn has been refined with each lap, confirming hunches, adding some geometry tweaks here, and a little more titanium beef there.

The Throdwn line of BMX Racing frames and cranks are constructed from the finest titanium tubing, precision-welded with beautiful beads, and rockin’ subtly-stylin’ laser-etched graphics, so the rider up-top is always the star of the show.

The Throdwn frame is available in five sizes, ranging from Mini to Expert XXL, and provides the perfect-fit for any rider 115lbs and under. Nine crank lengths—from 100mm to 165mm—bolt-up nicely to any square-taper spindle, and are ready for spin-to-win action in mere minutes.

Of course, the one part of the spec sheet everyone scans down to first is the weight.  And we have some very good news waiting for them there.  Our largest frame size— the Expert XXL— tips the scales at only 2.4 lbs.  Compare that to a comparable aluminum frame, and it’s a pretty clear “before and after” picture for any race bike’s weight loss program.  The cranks range from 224 grams for the 100mm stubbies, to 251 grams for the 165mm big bro.

Your Throdwn will arrive faced, chased and ready to race, with the extra TLC you’d expect from an elite-quality product.

Available now, exclusively from Dan’s Comp, visit our website at throdwn.com for the full specs, and for a special link that gets you to the stripe first in the race to order.

The 2016 season is heating up.  Is your rider ready to Throdwn?”

For more information on the Throdwn brand and their new line of products, contact Charlie Jahnke at [email protected] or give them a call at (262) 910-1001. Also be sure to check them out on all of the popular social media networks under Throdwn.