Nate Richter started out young. By the age most dudes are choosing between their driver’s permit and their bike, Nate was already traveling and partying like a seasoned BMX vet. Now at the still young age of 20, it seems like Nate has the experience of people twice his age. Check out this quick interview and learn a little more about the wild Albuquerque racer that turned into a street shredder. -Fat

Interview by Wesley Mcgrath.

Name: Nate Richter
Age: 20
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sponsors: Cult

Photo by Alex Jaquez.

You've been riding for easily over a decade now, exactly how long have you been on a bike?
I've been in the game for a while now; I raced from ’95 ’till ’02, and then ’02 ’till present I've been ridding street. Damn, I'm getting old.

What made you want to pedal instead of play any other sports?
Well, I started off ridding sheep because I wanted to be a bull rider, so one day I told my cousin Angelo to come watch me. He then told me to go watch him at the racetrack, and I fell in love with it right there and been hooked ever since.

Growing up we all watch videos to get motivated to go ride, which video would you say makes you want to ride the most?
Skate videos get me really hyped to go ride, but as far as riding videos, it would have to be any Animal video.

Photo by Alex Jaquez.

The word on the street is your beginning to film a new video project called “Kolor,” can you give us some insight on what to expect?
It's a work in progress for sure, but you can expect riders from New Mexico, Phoenix, Colorado, California, and NYC just doing their thing. I can't thank all the people that are involved, I can't wait.

Any shout outs to the people who made it all possible?
I'd like to thank Robbie over at Cult, Nick Benson at Animal Bikes, of course my cousin Kenny Garcia: living for free, also Clay Johnson for always keeping it real… Everyone who is contributing to the “Kolor” DVD project past, present, and future. Also, Wesley Mcgrath and Fat Tony for the interview.

Photo by Alex Jaquez.

5 Essential items when I travel:
– Bike
– iPhone
– Fake I.D.
– Headphones
– Money

5 Great things about where I grew up:
– Los Altos Skatepark
– People
– Dion's Pizza
– Sandia Mountains
– Sunsets

5 People I respect:
– Mom
– Friends
– Robbie Morales
– Nick Benson
– Stew Johnson

5 Riders I'm stoked on:
– Van Homan
– Edwin De La Rosa
– Chad Kagy
– Dave Belcher
– Butcher

5 Last people I called:
– Mario Gorman
– Cult Clubhouse
– Gil Montoya
– Chris Fazy
– Joe Poisson

5 Places I want to travel to:
– Spain
– Italy
– Jamaica
– Russia
– Servia

Photo by Wesley Mcgrath.