Truing a WheelBy: Jeff Burns
Photos: Scot

1. Once the wheel is completely laced, insert the wheel into the truing stand and lubricate each spoke with a Teflon or silicon based lube. (frame 1)

2. Next, equally tighten each spoke all the way around the rim to take up slack. Remember to turn each spoke an equal amount of turns. (frame 2)

3. As you tighten the spokes, the rim will gradually get tighter. This means that you are closer to having a trued wheel.

4. Once the spokes are tightened all the way around the rim, it is time for the final truing.

5. Start tightening the looser spokes on either side of the rim depending on which direction the rim is off (i.e. if the rim is leaning towards the right you need to tighten the spoke on the left side.) This could be corrected in one turn of one spoke or it could take a few turns on a few spokes. (frame 3 and 4)

Hint: To judge which direction the rim is off, use the guides on the truing stand. If the rim touches the right side then you need to pull it to the left and vice-versa.

6. Once the wheel starts getting a closer tolerance, the wheel is nearing the final truing stage. At this point, if the spoke is tight it will start creaking. Take precaution because you may strip the nipple.

7. Now it’s time to take the “hop” or the up and down movement out of the wheel.

8. Locate the hop and decide which spokes need to be tightened or loosened. If the wheel has a hop, tighten the spokes within that area, this will pull the rim over the hub. Spokes on both sides of the rim will need to be adjusted equally to keep the wheel trued.

9. Periodically, check to make sure the hop is being removed, also check the rim to make sure that no other hops are forming while the original hop is being removed.

10. After the wheel is laced and trued, you will want to go through and squeeze each set of spokes to get an idea how much tension each pair of spokes is under. If you have a loose set, then you will need to tighten them. If this causes the wheel to come out of true, then loosen the opposing spokes (i.e. the two spokes directly across the rim need to be loosened to bring the wheel back into center).

11. You should now have a laced and trued wheel.

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