Sunday Bikes coming through with a short and sweet video where Aaron Ross gives you a full run through of his 2019 Forecaster Complete that is landing at shops worldwide now! This bike is the exact same bike that Aaron rode for the promo video that came out the other week (we re-embedded it for you to check out!) and clearly holds up to the same riding he throws down on his personal bike! Check out the video, re-watch the other video below, then check out more photos, full specs and details and more for the bike on the Sunday website!

Let Aaron Ross give you a brief breakdown of his new 2019 Forecaster complete. Available now in Hot Pink!

– Odyssey Keyboard v2 Grips
– Odyssey Keyboard v2 Tripod Seat
– Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals
– Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster
– Sunday Lightning Rims
– Sealed Front Hub
” – Sunday Bikes