Source BMX has partnered up with a new social network called Vero—who will also be sponsoring the Source Park and the Battle Of Hastings. Both the Source Park and Source BMX have profiles on Vero, where they will be sharing daily happenings, behind the scenes action, and of course there will be plenty of Battle Of Hastings coverage literally as the action happens.

More about Vero… well, for starters, Vero has no ads, algorithms, data mining, data tracking, bots, and they do not own your content—ever. Pretty sweet, right? Beyond that, unlike some other social networks, Vero features a chronological feed and you can share your content un-cropped in high-res.

Vero's focus is on real people and communities and their aim is to build a credible presence within those communities by supporting athletes, artists and creators—sounds like they hit the jackpot with Source. Click here or the photo below to get Vero now…

Source BMX’s Greg Illingworth, high-res and uncropped.