Source BMX announced their plans to open up a 32,000 square foot warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky, in March of 2019. The expansion of the UK-based company represents their goal of improving shipping times and pricing for the growing mailorder in the States.

The Source squad has obviously been making a huge push in the US, but their UK roots have—at points—been a logistical obstacle for their US customers. Despite maintaining a high level of service even from across the pond, this new warehouse will speed up shipping and in a few cases, help bring down prices for riders. As owner Marc Moore puts it, “our service will be as good as it is for customers in the UK.”

With the new US warehouse, sponsorship of Swampfest and the Uncovered series, and a few other things in the works to help support the US scene…Source is definitely pushing in ’19.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a job. They’re hiring a few positions…first up is a warehouse manager.