I don't know of anyone who's had a bad time riding in Utah. Awesome scene, rad spots. The Solid crew recently did a trip to SLC and put together a series of edits documenting it all. Street, parks, The Wood Shop, and Beringer's yard were all visited by Kevin Malia, Jase Knack, Nick Hammer, Stephen Perjanik, Tristan Adams, Tanner Easterla, and Stranger's Wolfman. Good feel, good riding, and good times. Check out all three edits here.

Part 1
"This is part one of the Solid crew keeping it lit in Utah."

Part 2
"Here's the second installment of the Solid crew Keeping It Lit in Utah. Everyone took some good spills, some more than others but all was well in the end and everyone had a good time."

Part 3
"This is the final part from the Salt Lake City trip. You know the drill, it’s the same intro so if you don’t want sit through it again skip to about the 1:30 mark. In this bit you’ll see the crew shred Matt Beringer's house and some street spots. All in all, we all had a ton of fun making our mark in the state of Utah and look forward to the next trip to do it again. K.I.L."