Redline had a bunch of their new ’04 bikes on display at the ABA Lancaster race a few weeks ago, and it looks like Bubba’s line of signature bikes have seen quite a few changes.Instead of Bubba’s name on the chromoly bikes, it’s now on the new aluminum ones. Here’s what’s up with his top-of-the-line Signature Flight Series Pro XL…

Expect to drop about $550 on Bubba’s ride (about $50 more than last year’s top-of-the-line Proline model).  credit: James Ayres

FRAME: Bubba’s new Flight frame is made from new U-6 alloy tubing, which Redline tells us is lighter than traditional 6061 aluminum. It also has a lower Euro BB shell; somewhere around 11-3/4″.

FEATURES: The signature Flight Series comes with Redline Flight cranks, a sealed Euro BB, chrome Alex rims, ProMax brakes, and a cassette rear hub, which has a hollow alloy axle (threaded-in studs) and four cartridge bearings. What’s cool about the cassette is that you can pick which cog size you want to run—anywhere between a 14 and an 18-tooth are available. Just so you know, it comes stock with 44-16 gear.

The only remaining chromoly bikes in Redline’s arsenal will be the MX-20 and the MX-24 (formerly the Signature Comp and the Signature Cruiser), which are great for kids just getting started and parents on a budget. Just be sure to check out in a few months and you can see the whole line there.