You can’t pass up a video from Barcelona, especially when it’s stacked with a ton of familiar faces that you know always produce. Here’s a real solid mix that Mirco Andreani and Agustin Gutierrez teamed up to produce for you to enjoy that you won’t want to miss.

Homies involved in order of appearance:

Simone Barraco / Archie Kenward / Massimo Crotti / Edo / Diego Malchiodi / Mirco Andreani / Martin Thomas / Matias Lasgoity / Nicolas Badet / Rodrigue Timellini / Denim Cox / Reed Stark / Sean Ricany / Adam Holmes / Ken / Santiago Arano / Diego Navarro / Mauro Valencia / Facundo Mazza / Miguel Smiley / Dima Prykhodko / Agustin Gutierrez / Bart Van Der Kamp / Michal Smelko / Anthony Perrin

Filmed by Mirco Andreani
Edited by Agustin Gutierrez