Name: Shawn Walters
Age: 30
Location: Saltcity, Utah
Sponsors: Terribleone, 5050 bikeshop, Skullcandy headphones, Ogio, flow from: etnies, Animal, and Fly.

Frame: Terribleone Moody/Hickerson 20.85″
Fork: Sunday Night
Bars: Animal Scerbo
Stem: Fly
Grips: Season Skaggle
Barends: Beringer
Headset: Fly
Clamp: Fit
Seatpost: Animal
Seat: Animal
Cranks: Fly 175mm
Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa 28-tooth
Chain: Shadow Interlock
Front Tire: Animal GLH 20×2.1″
Front Wheel: Odyssey 7k rim, Gsport Marmoset hub
Rear Tire: Animal GLH 20.195″
Rear Wheel: Fly cross-lace rim with Mosh Justice cassette with 10-tooth driver
Hub Guard: Beringer
Pegs: Animal light
Pedals: Animal Hamilton

Elf Bike Check

I chop off my bars and seatpost a little. On my left pedal I take all the pins out of one side so it’s smoother for grinding.

How quickly can you build a new bike?
If everything goes right 20-to-30 minutes.

It seems like you’ve had the exact same bike setup for years, do you just stick to what you know?
When new parts come out I am always really excited to try them out, as for my basic set up, I think I found what is comfortable for me so I stick with it.

What part do you break to most?

Rear axles.

What is the oldest part on your bike?
I’ve been using my Beringer hubguard for two years.