Press Release:

Selle Royal Channels its BMX Roots

RE-introducing: Aeroyal

27 November 2010 – Pozzoleone, Italy Selle Royal, a world leader in saddle manufacturing, is diversifying its interests and audience by re-introducing a saddle that – unknown to even many discerning cycling historians – has significantly shaped today's saddle trends. The new 2011 ORIGINS line featuring the Aeroyal – first launched in the 1970's with great success – represents a hip diversion for a brand that is largely successful with the 'comfort' crowd.

Deviating from the Selle Royal norm – one that typically conjures images of black, squishy, thumb-test type saddles – the Aeroroyal represents comfort, style and performance. It is a design with unmistakable association with the earliest days of BMX racing; cool gear that was also strong enough to withstand the beatings and bang-ups of BMX.

Almost indestructible in use, the Aeroyal soon came to be the 'toy' everybody wanted. Its distinct, aeroplane-like shape was prized by many and – 40 years later – it is not only contemporary but carries a wealth of history. The old-style font, the typical rear spoiler, the numerous air-vents represent legendary, original styling. Today, the design not only fits with its roots – in BMX – but is also making its presence on mainstream fixed gear bicycles and other urban rides.

The Aeroyal is a rare product that is capable of spanning history yet has undergone zero design reformations, and holds its own as being 100% current. The $39.99 Aeroyal with chromed steel rails weighs 300 grams is available in black and white. The Aeroyal is scheduled to hit retail shelves in early December.

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