Todd Lyons over at SE sent us some info on a new PK Ripper…but this one is pocket sized!

“Remember the Flick Trix Finger Bikes from about 10 years ago? Well they're baaaaaack! But this time they have a lot more style & design specific to each brand. Check out the PK Ripper Looptail frame design & Landing Gear forks! And you'll be happy to know that they're launching both current AND retro models. SE Bikes will have 2 colorways of the PK Ripper Looptail that will drop this summer in Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, Target, & toy stores nationwide. They'll be available in the USA, Canada, France, Australia & the UK.

Flick Trix plans to run full page ads in magazines and run TV commercials. The marketing behind this round of Flick Trix bikes will be huge.

Pricing will be under $10 for the bike & about $15 for the Bike Shop. It won't be surprising if the old-school BMX collectors clean the shelves of every PK Ripper in stores city wide. So when they become available, you better act fast.”

– Todd Lyons