Ryan recently had a 12-hour layover at the Los Angeles airport, so he dropped by our office to say what’s up.He had a brand new bike with him, so we hit him up for a quick bike inspection while he was here. Some of the items on Ryan’s bike are so new that even he didn’t know all the details, so Haro’s Mike Varley helped fill in the blanks with the information inside the parenthesis.

A bit beat but still on the move  credit: Mark Losey

Frame: Haro Backtrail Pro with Euro bottom bracket. This is a prototype bike that I’m testing at the moment. So far so good. (We are developing a new series of Nyquist signature bikes. The frames will be similar to the one you see here but with some tweaks.)

Fork: Premium Products Mega Fork with fluted tubing. (The fluted tubing lowers the weight but makes the forks stronger.)

Handlebars: Haro Nyquist signature bars.

Cranks: Haro mountain bike cranks that work with a FSA Euro bottom bracket. The spindle is regular chromoly. (This is actually a set of cranks that will be available as a Premium Lite crank for threaded bottom brackets.)

credit: Mark Losey

Rims: The front is a 36-spoke Alex Super G outter with Premium Products sealed hub. The rear rim has a Premium Products cassette with a prototype 40-hole rim. Mike Varley at Haro came up with the idea to have something between 36 and 48. This is my first time with anything less than 48’s since ’93, and so far they’re running smooth. (The rear rim is a new rim that is pretty light; 40-hole wheels are something that I used to sell to tandem owners when they would blow up 36-hole wheels. Makes sense as a logical step between 36- and 48-hole wheels. It’s only four more spokes than 36, but doesn’t need to be trued up as often.)

Tires: Haro Multisurface 3

Pedals: Premium Products Small Block, magnesium.

Brakes: Dia Tech Hombre front and rear

Levers: Dia Compe Tech 77

Headeset: King titanium. I ground out my SST Oryg out to fit.

Detangler: SST Oryg

Pegs: Premium Spider Lite, titanium

Chainring: Premium street ring, 39-tooth, 14 in the back

Stem: Haro…ask Varley. (I can’t remember if the stem used was the Premium Wedge or the Premium Lite stem. The Wedge has an internal wedge system to secure the stem to the steerer tube. The Lite has two external bolts. You should be able to see bolts or not in the photo. Both are new items that we introduced in October and are available now.)

Seatpost: Tomson, aluminum

Seat: Haro Mirra Pro

Grips: Haro

Modifications: I cut the bars down to about 23-1/2″ wide because I’m a little guy. I run the back wheel as far forward as possible for a shorter wheelbase for comfort and feel. I’ve been running front brakes since May, and it’s not a faze. I like them and I’m sticking with them.