Well, here’s some news we didn’t see coming. It looks like the most diabolical haters in BMX have decided to call it quits. While searching for RodeoPeanut on Instagram, we realized that the account no longer exists. There are a few knock off accounts, and what appears to be somebody who swooped in and took the account name already (that was fast), but the beloved account with a steady flow of hilarious memes and edits taking shots at your favorite (or least favorite) BMX pros with a touch of Seinfeld is no more. We’re not sure exactly what spurred the decision, but we have an idea or two as to what might have caused the account to get scrubbed from the internet, even though it seemed like it was on its way out last year. Either way, it’s gone completely and BMX is now a little less hilarious because of it. Rest In Peace, Rodeo Peanut. Thanks for all the laughs.