This is what your stencil will look like after it is painted onto a surface. I painted the stencil on cardboard because that is what we had laying in the warehouse.  credit: Fat Tony

There is a good chance you already know how to cut and use a stencil, but if you aren’t sure, here is a quick guide.
– Download the stencil file and print it. There are two sizes available (9.5″ – on 8.5″ x 11″ standard size paper, and 14.5″ – on 11″ x 17″ tabloid size paper).
– If possible, print the file on cardstock. The thicker the paper, the more durable your stencil will be.
– Use a sharp hobby knife to cut the stencil out, using the doted lines as a guide. (Be careful when cutting. Cut away from your body to avoid accidents.)
– Place cut stencil on surface of your choice (example: a ramp, a binder or notebook, your bike, etc.) and use spray paint to paint your stencil onto the surface. You’ll want to spray the paint straightforward avoiding side-to-side motions. Several straight on, quick bursts of paint work best. This helps prevent overspray from getting under the stencil and allows the letters to stay separated better.
– Carefully pull the stencil straight up from the surface to avoid smearing any wet paint.
– Stand back and be proud of your work. You earned it!

This is what your cut stencil will look like after you have painted it. To get more use out of the stencil, use thick paper such as card stock.  credit: Fat Tony

When you download the stencil file, it will look like this.  credit: Fat Tony