This one’s for the old(er) guys on the kid’s bikes… Ride On BMX is a community focused on BMX riders who are 30 and older spearheaded by Neil Waddington in the UK. After just turning 40 myself, I was introduced to Ride On BMX from an Instagram friend, Matt Barton, (@sycmatt) and I was hyped to see this mix edit of many 40 plus—and even as old as 60 still riding! It goes to show that age is just a number, and as long as you have the motivation (and the health) then you can keep shredding as long as your heart desires. Ride on, and on, and on, until the break of dawn…

“Ride On BMX is focused on older riders. Its aim is to bring older riders together, inspire, motivate and encourage people to get out there and enjoy BMX. It also aims to showcase the riding, scene and contests of the 80's and 90's (for many BMX's Golden years). Whether you're just getting back on it or have never stopped hopefully you'll find something cool on the page. So whether you're Old school or Mid school, whether you're into flat, mini, street, racing, vert or whatever we'd love you to contribute. The main focus is on riding. It’s not about how good you are, it’s just about that fact that you're out there doing it. Its about people in the middle of their life (ie late 30's, 40s and so on) who love BMX.”

Check Out Ride On BMX on Facebook and Vimeo.

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