Trails, bowls, pools, parks… Nathan Sykes’ Colony ride is built for speed and comfort and control in the air—all of which Nathan posses a great wealth of. Check out Nathan’s signature Colony Tradition frame, sig seat, custom sized sprocket, and more…

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: Wildomar, CA
Sponsors: Colony BMX, Ride 100%, Etnies

Frame: 2018 Colony Tradition (my signature frame)
Fork: Colony Guardian
Bars: Colony Sweet Tooth, 8.8″
Stem: Colony Squareback
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Barends: WeThePeople
Headset: Colony
Seatpost: Colony Pivotal
Seat: Colony Nathan Sykes Signature
Pedals: Odyssey Tom Dugan, metal
Cranks: Colony 22’s
Sprocket: Colony Metria, 31-tooth
Chain: Shadow Interlock V2
Front Tire: Colony Griplock, 2.35″
Front Wheel: Colony Contour rim, Colony Wasp hub
Rear Tire: Colony Griplock, 2.35″
Rear Wheel: Colony Contour rim, Colony Wasp hub

You've been riding the Colony Tradition frame for a couple years now and it recently became your signature frame. You've praised the frame in the past and I know you love how it feels, but do you plan to make any tweaks to it now that your name is on it?
I have been riding the Tradition for three years now and couldn’t be happier with how it feels. The geometry is perfect in my opinion [21" & 21.25" TT, 13.9" slammed rear, 74.5º HT, 71º ST. 11.5" BB Height]. As of now I think we are going to keep it the same and just do some different colors and stickers for 2019.

Your signature Colony seat looks sick! The inspiration is pulled from your love of motorcycles, right?
Thank you! Yes the seat is very influenced from vintage motorcycles. The diamond stitching is something you will find in 70s upholstery. I wanted that old school feel mixed in with modern design of the Pivotal seat.

Tell us about your one-off sprocket…
I have been running a 31 tooth for a few years, but 31 is such a random size that it's pointless to run as a in stock size. So [Clint] Millar had some of the new Metria sprockets made in a 31 just for me. I'm really stoked to have a Colony sprocket and some one-off sizing that meets my needs.

In general, what are some specifics of how you like to have your bike setup?
I run my PSI right around 80. Bars I have inline with my forks and my chain has to be nice and tight. No sloppy chain for me. I always buy a Grade 8 nut and bolt for my seat clamp. I cut my bars down a bit just to narrow them up a bit.

What are you must particular about? In general, what makes it your ride?
For me it’s bar position and height. When I get that right then I know the bike will feel right for me.

Do you typically build up a fresh new bike, or just swap out parts as they go?
For this build I built it all fresh, but sometimes I will just freshen up some parts when I need to. Just depends if new stuff is coming out or if it’s the middle of the year.

Are you willing to experiment and try out new stuff? Or do you prefer to stick to tried and true?
I have been trying new stuff lately. Just trying different things to see if it's better for my set up. Never know if something else is what I need to make my bike feel the best.

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