Whether he’s high above some SoCal soil, blasting some concrete, or cruising a high-speed hang 5 down the PCH, Mike “Hucker” Clark rides it all and with a no-holds barred style that we all know and love. His bike boasts a bunch of signature parts, including his S&M Hucker frame, Demolition seat, new Demolition tires, and new signature ODI grips. Keep reading for more info…

Height: 5′ 8"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Sponsors: Red Bull, S&M Bikes, Vans, GoPro, Oakley, Demolition, ODI, Epic BMX, Team Soil

What I Ride - Mike "Hucker" Clark

Frame: S&M Hucker 21"
Fork: S&M Widemouth
Bars: S&M Hoder Highs
Stem: S&M Enduro 49mm
Grips: ODI Hucker
Barends: ODI
Headset: Demolition
Seatpost: Demolition Pivotal
Seat: Demolition Hucker
Demolition Trooper AL
Cranks: Demolition Rig
Sprocket: Demolition Markit
Chain: Shadow
Front Tire: Demolition Hammerhead Dirt
Front Wheel: Demolition Zero rim, Demolition Ghost hub, Demolition guard
Rear Tire: Demolition Hammerhead Dirt
Rear Wheel: Demolition Zero rim, Demolition Rolls V2 hub, Demolition guard
Pegs: Demolition Team
Brakes: Odyssey Springfield
Lever: Tech-77

Your signature S&M Hucker frame has been out for a while now, but for those people reading this who may not be familiar with it, give us a rundown of the specs of your frame and what type of riding you had in mind when designing it…
I wanted a frame that would work great with all types of riding. I've always been a fan of a shorter back end. For me I prefer a pretty steep head tube angle for Hang 5s tailwhips and park riding. I like a taller stand over for a better feel at the trails and I think it looks better. I've never really had a issue with frame weight. My frame comes in 20.5", 20.75", 21", and 21.25", with a 75° headtube, and a 13.3" backend.

We got a sneak peak of your signature ODI grips. Tell us more about them…
I'm so stoked with how my signature grips came out! ODI wanted my signature grip to tell a story. I just wanted a very comfortable grip with soft material. I thought it would only be proper to bring in my really good friend Nick Sawyers @nicksawyers to help me design it. I knew it would be amazing as he is a phenomenal artist. I told him I wanted it very beachy. We jumped on a phone call and I told him I wanted it to represent the beach life as I’m always in the ocean when I’m off my bike. He did exactly that! Not only did he create exactly what I wanted, he managed to design—in my opinion—a better grip that grips well with sweaty hands. They should be out very soon.

You're rolling on signature Demolition tires as well. Fill us in on the specs…
There are two versions of the Hammerhead tires, street and dirt. They are the exact same pattern the only difference is the dirt tire has more aggressive knobs. They will be available soon in 2.25", 2.35" and 2.4".

What's the deal with the reflectors? Do you prefer using those instead of bike lights?
I had always joked around about running reflectors. I was at my local bike shop one afternoon—EPIC BMX—and Ethan Corriere rolled in and had one on his front rim. I thought it was so rad to see a badass dude with a reflector so I had to join the club

Why do you have tape wrapped around your bars and rear peg?
I use electrical tape on different areas of my bike to mount GoPros on it. Mounts tend to slide or twist around unless there is a softer material on the metal.

While I was shooting your bike you made a joke about how your pegs are really rare. What did you mean by that?
I grew up with metal pegs. I prefer grinding with metal pegs over plastic pegs any day. I just think it feels way better, plus making sparks will never get old.

Why don't you run a chrome back rim for better brake performance?
Chrome rims will almost always stop better with break, although, I've found clear pads work great with colored rims—if you can get past the squeaky noise. I think black rims look better on my bike and that is the only reason I use a black rear rim.

Describe your bike for us… What makes it your ride?
My bar position varies from bike to bike. I feel like every time I build up a new bike my bar position changes slightly. Now I’m running my bars just slightly back from completely vertical. My PSI changes depending on what I’m riding—usually 60-70 at the trails—depending on how smooth they are running. 70-80 at parks or vert, and about 50-60 for street riding.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
I dislike having breaks that feel bad and don’t work.

Setup/part wise, what was the last big change you made?
I’m constantly changing chains because they tend to rust pretty bad living near the beach.