If quick spins and tech grinds are your thing, then Jordan Godwin is your man, and his bike is the ideal machine. Check out his soon to be released signature trans matte brown colorway of the WeThePeople Battleship frame—which features a 12.7" rear end—as well as the 160mm éclat Spire cranks. Needless say this is one nimble and ultra responsive ride. As Jordan put it, "the bike just goes where I want it to go." And with the Buck bars and Hydra stem's oversized 25.4mm clamping area and the éclat Storm fork, the bike is tough as hell, too.

Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: Roughly 12 stone (168 lbs.)
Location: Newport, South Wales
Sponsors: Wethepeople, éclat, Nike, Crucial BMX shop, DUB, DSOTG crew!

What I Ride - Jordan Godwin

Frame: Wethepeople Battleship, 20.75", my signature trans matte brown colorway out in January.
Fork: éclat Storm, 25mm offset
Bars: Wethepeople BUCK, with 25.4mm clamping area
Stem: Wethepeople Hydra, 30mm, with 25.4mm clamping area
Grips: Wethepeople OD
Barends: éclat Corx V2
Headset: éclat Cargo
Seatpost: éclat Torch
Seat: éclat OZ slim Pivotal
Pedals: éclat Slash
Cranks: éclat SPIRE, 160mm
Sprocket: éclat AK guard
Chain: éclat 4Stroke
Front Tire: éclat Bruno Hoffmann Predator, 2.30"
Front Wheel: éclat Cortex hub with Nylon Guards, éclat Bondi XL rim
Rear Tire: éclat Bruno Hoffmann Predator 2.30"
Rear Wheel: éclat Cortex freecoaster with Nylon Viper guard and Servo crmo driver side guard, éclat Bondi XL rim
 éclat Venom 4.5"

Tell us more about the WTP Battleship frame you've been riding… how does that super short 12.7″ chainstay feel for all of those tech grind moves you've got up your sleeve?
The 12.7" back end feels super good now, at first it was a bit too much and took a bit of getting used to, but now I’ve got used to it and I would never go back to a back end over 13". Ijust makes everything so much easier, it makes the whole bike feel way more responsive, the best way I can explain it would be to say the bike just goes where I want it to go.

Your signature graphics and colorway look dope too, what was the inspiration behind them?

Thanks man! I’m so stoked on how it turned out. The inspiration for the graphic style was from a MF [JJ] DOOM album cover Keys to the Kuff. The artist who did the cover was Steve Powers. I just liked how simple and quirky the style was, then after deciding on the style I literally just wrote a list of random things that I’m in to, sent that to Dave at Wethepeople and he got the guys there to make what I pictured in my head become a reality. The color was pretty easy—I wanted a brown frame for a while and I guess this was the perfect opportunity to make that happen. Dave showed me a load of different browns they could do and we just decided on the one we liked best. Shout out to Dave and all the guys at Wethepeople for making this happen—they killed it!

A hydroformed down tube on the Battleship frame, éclat's Storm fork—which is their strongest fork ever—and the WTP Buck bars with the larger clamping size 25.4mm… this bike sounds indestructible. I know you're a smooth rider, but how has this bike been holding up?
Thanks dude! I don’t see myself as smooth rider, but the bike has been holding up solid! The bars haven’t slipped once since I’ve had the 25.4 clamping system, and that used to be one of the most annoying things that would happen to me—everyone knows how annoying it is trying to get your bars back in that perfect place. The hydroformed tubing is one of my favorite parts about the whole bike—it just looks so clean—and it’s super strong! There's not much to say about the Storm fork, it’s pretty simple really—they're bombproof and built to last!

How do those sample 160mm Spire cranks feel?

Dave hit me up about the Spire 160mm cranks and to be honest it just made sense to have the shorter crank with the short rear end on the frame. I love them and I don’t see myself going back to a longer crank anytime soon.

Describe your bike for us… What makes it your ride?
My bar position is inline or as close to being inline with the forks as I can get them. PSI is usually 60 in both—I feel like 60 is the sweet spot. My chain tension is always changing. Sometimes I’ll loosen it a little bit for a few kickflips, other times I just like to keep it tight and dialed. If I had to describe my bike I would say it’s clean and simple, but also super solid at the same time.

Setup/part wise, what was the last big change you made?
I think the 160mm Spire cranks were the last big change and that was just because it made sense with the short back end. I also just switched to a slim seat a couple months back. I just like how simple it makes the bike look and it’s out of the way when you’re riding.