Check out Jeff Ludwig‘s latest build, featuring a not-so-stickered up GT Globetrotter frame in a sample deep purple colorway, prototype GT Power Series cranks, a new sample seat, and Animal’s new Inverse stem. Lots of new things to feast your eyes on with Jeff’s current ride. Whether he’s looking for spots or doing loud fast smith grinds, JWG’s bike is as street certified as they come…

Name: Jeff W. Glasses
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Location: New Jersey
Sponsors: Animal, GT BikesLFS BMX, M.Gozik Inc.

Frame: GT BK Signature Globetrotter, 20.75", Deep Purple sample color.
Fork: Odyssey R32
Bars: Animal Foursome
Stem: Animal Inverse
Grips: Animal Edwin
Barends: Animal aluminum
Headset: Animal
Seatpost: Animal
Seat: GT Fullerton, Pivotal, (sample)
Pedals: Animal Hamilton, Sealed
Cranks: GT 4130 Power Series, 24mm, (prototypes)
Sprocket: Sunday Knox
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Supreme Interlock
Front Tire: GT LP5
Front Wheel: Animal RS rim, Animal Javelin hub, Animal plastic guards
Rear Tire: GT LP5
Rear Wheel: Animal RS rim, Animal LHD Javelin rim, Chromoly guard
Pegs: Animal Lino OG 4.5"

It's hard to recognize your bike without all the stickers…
[Laughs] Tell me about it! Well, since you’ve taken the photos I’ve already added like seven new stickers! I remember you asking me if I was ready for the bike check and I was slightly hesitant about it. Before I left for the trip with GT to Taiwan, I had some stickers laid out on my coffee table. Then I thought, maybe I can just go natural and peel some stickers off of the walls and come across some cool ones in another part of the world. Some of my favorite stickers were stolen from bathrooms in the city. When it came time for the bike check, I felt underprepared in a way. The purple frame looks ultra good, too.

You're running the new Animal Inverse stem, how's that treating you so far?
I really enjoy the new light weight, milled down look of the classic style top-load stem. It's also the same geometry of the 10 Year Anniversary stem that I was running since that dropped in 2010. The old one hasn't failed in anyway.

Slant to stairs tuck—definitely not in Perth Amboy. (Photo: Zielinski)

Why are you running it upside down?
My friend Gabriel (@pabrielgalhano) and I were critically inspecting it and agreed it looked cooler upside down. That's pretty much it!

I also noticed that you swapped out the GSport Gland guards for smaller Animal guards since the last bike check we shot. Any specific reason?
I like the GSport Gland guards because of the way they look on the bike and the level of spoke protection. However, when a zip-tie breaks and your stash is low, it could potentially end a rail session. I think it's time to move on, but I might go back someday.

Seeing as you still run metal parts, other than tubes, what do you change out most often?
The part that gets swapped out most is probably my right pedal from making right turns with my foot down so it makes noise and sometimes sparks! I love riding metal parts because they can endure so much abuse and keep the session going.

What is the oldest part on your bike?
This is the freshest bike I've ever ridden. The Animal OG pegs are from the beginning of 2016 and still need to be beaten more until they are released from my stronghold. The GT LP5 tires have been on my bike since the end of last summer and they're holding up pretty well into another year.

Your bike is obviously well ridden, but do you keep it dialed or just let it get sloppy?
She's almost there. The sloppier the better. There's a point where the bike begins to creek and click while metal burrs are sticking out everywhere and the stickers are overlapping and unrecognizable. When someone says, "How do you ride this thing?" is when you get confirmation that's she's in her prime.

You're started rocking a guard sprocket—and from the looks of the bottom of your frame you need it. Has the guard opened up new grind options that were too risky for your chain before?
Yeah, I've been playing around with back-pedal/bottom bracket/chain-stay/crankarm grinds. The guard sprocket and Shadow Conspiracy Supreme chain have become an essential combination to the BMX bike. A bottom bracket bash-guard would be cool to try out. I think we will see more of these types of things coming out within the next few years.

After running the Animal GLH tires for years. How has the change to the GT LP5 tires been?
Animal GLH tires are, in fact, the ultimate street tire. However, the GT LP5 tires have been taking a ton of abuse and seem to be holding up pretty well. The reason for the change is simply the color. The purple Globetrotter frame and green tire combo looks awesome.

You've been riding Globetrotter frames for over a year now. And you've practically grinded through this one—safe to say you've been putting it to the test. What are your thoughts on BK's signature frame now that you’ve been riding them for a bit?
The BK signature frame is amazing. The modern compact geometry grants more flick-ability and the frame materials and gussets make it super strong. Honestly, I've been trying to break one, but it's becoming a pretty formidable task. I'm starting to think that if Brian can't do it, no one can. He's pretty much the Chuck Norris of BMX.

“I've been playing around with back-pedal/bottom bracket/chain-stay/crankarm grinds”… lets just call this the everything grind. Jeff takes the ETG to a proper rough ledge in Taiwan. (Photo: Zielinski)