In the current age of brakeless freecoaster rides, it's refreshing to see that Darryl Tocco has remained steadfast to the same bike setup he's been running forever. Tocco's tried and true setup of a rear brake, two pegs, and a cassette compliments his classic snappy tech style perfectly. His current top-to-bottom all black ride consists of a Kink Titan frame with Kink and Éclat parts.

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Location: Austin, TX
Sponsors: Kink, Éclat

What I Ride - Darryl Tocco

Frame: Kink Titan 20.5″
Fork: Éclat Stream
Bars: Kink Wolf 8.5"
Stem: Relic Elect
Grips: Kink Omega
Barends: Kink Ideal
Éclat Cargo
Seatpost: Kink Pivotal
Seat: Éclat OZ Pivotal
Pedals: Éclat Contra
Cranks: Éclat Spire, 170mm
Sprocket: Relic Counter 25-tooth
Chain: Cult (I bought it on the road).
Front Tire: Éclat Predator 2.3"
Front Wheel: Kink Atlas 2 rim, Kink Boulevard hub, Boulevard Guard
Rear Tire: Éclat Predator 2.3"
Rear Wheel: Éclat Polar rim, Éclat Pulse cassette with a random guard I found at East County BMX in SD—shouts to those guys.
Pegs: Éclat Venom 4.5"
Brakes: Éclat Talon
Lever: Éclat Sniper
Detangler: Odyssey Gyro

How do you like your brakes to feel? Do you use one finger or two on the lever? And what is your preferred cable setup for your Gyro?
They’re usually not very good. I like a good bit of tension so the lever snaps back, and as little slack as I can get without rubbing my rims. I have one finger on the lever at all times just from habit over the years, but two for fufanus and hurricane stuff. Gyro cables can be kind of hard to come by on the road and sometimes I just end up buying whatever the local bike shop has. Other than those times I’m running new Kink Gyro cables and Éclat lowers. Shit is always a mess [laughs].

Describe your bike for us… What makes it your ride?
I tend not to be too particular most of the time. Sometimes I try to switch stuff up on my bike and I end up hating how it feels, so I’ve kinda stuck to the script over the years. I guess the rest of the stuff is pretty contemporary (minus the brakes), but nothing extreme. Tires stay around 40-50 PSI and the bars even with the forks, other than that I’m not really stressing.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Keeping the back wheel as straight as I can so the brakes aren’t messing with the flow of things.

Any interest in a freecoaster?
Nah, not really. I like to think that even after all these years I’m still working on my personal style, trying to perfect the shit I’m into. A coaster would be a reset button for me—I’m just not that interested.

I feel like you're basically been running the same setup since I've known you, but setup/part wise, what was the last big change you made?
I just went to a top load [stem] and wanted to support my buddy Ashley’s [Charles] brand [Relic], which is feeling really good. I rode a front load for the past 10 years—at least—so it’s nice to try something new. And it looks dope. But yeah, like you said, I’ve been riding the same bike forever, the bars just get slightly bigger every few years.