Riders of every age and skill level made it out for Ride’s first ever park jam at the Houghton park in Long Beach, California. Top pros, BMX legends, and a few hundred locals shared the park, free hot dogs, and some fun bikes courtesy of Odyssey. A bunch of companies handed out free gear and bike parts, free Ballpark hot dogs were consumed, two lucky riders won a week at Woodward West, and Daniel Sandoval won $250 in our high air contest after going 12 feet out of a seven foot quarter. Thanks to all the riders who made it out, all of the sponsors who donated product, Ballpark for the free food, Odyssey for the fun bikes, and the city of Long Beach. —Jeff Zielinski

ballpark-bestof01It wouldn’t be a true local event without Long Beach flatland legend Chad Johnston in the house. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof02Koit, the man behind the traveling street and flatland jam/comps known as First Rule, made it out to support the jam. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof04It’s a good thing this wall had a solid foundation because Eric Hough got extra agro with this downside footplant. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof05Oscar Chica, one-footed flattie. Photo:Fudger

ballpark-bestof06Daniel Sandoval was on fire all day. Tailwhip while warming up for the high air comp. Photo: Fudger

ballpark-bestof07The ground was so slippery that Eric Lichtenberger had better luck riding down the rails. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof08Forest Hayashi hands out product from the free raffle which included product from MirraCo., S&M, Fit, etnies, Primo, Cult, RideBMX, and more. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof09Ballpark’s free hot dog tent was surrounded. Photo: Zielinski


This kid is psyched! Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof11The second raffle got crazy. Photo: Fudger

ballpark-bestof12The  500 free hot dogs disappeared fast. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof13DJ Forest Hayashi kept the tunes flowing all day. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof14Brian Blyther and John Povah in the etnies tent. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof15My fashion sources tell me that animal print is going to be big this year. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof16Odyssey brought out a few of their unorthodox bikes, including a sidehack, a tall bike, and a tandem. Here’s Jim Bauer sitting on the tall bike next to LBC local, Giant, the tallest dude at the park. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof17The look on this kid’s face says it all, tandem bike are fun! Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof18Tall bike action. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof19Nuno Oliveira, scoping out the scene for some of his unique photos. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof20Daniel Sandoval clockin’ 12 feet worth of hang time and winning the high air contest. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof21Keith Mulligan hands Daniel $250 cash for winning the high air contest, that’s roughly $21 per foot, not bad. Photo: Zielinski

ballpark-bestof22Keith Mulligan congrats Daniel. Photo: Zielinski

Larry Alverado films a line. Photo: Mulligan

Larry Alverado films a line. Photo: Mulligan


Unknown; barspin in the bowl section. Photo: Mulligan


Locals waiting their turn on the street course. Photo: Mulligan


Daniel Sandoval and TKTK survey the scene. Photo: Mulligan


The bowl saw some heavy action, including some good tech riding. Photo: Mulligan


Jeff Z. got some riding in early before picking up the camera. Photo: Mulligan


Daniel Sandoval; frontside footjammer. Photo: Mulligan


UFO turndown. Photo: Mulligan


Another sweet bowl section turndown. Photo: Mulligan


Stretched no-hander into the deep section. Photo: Mulligan


No-hander. Photo: Mulligan


Everyone who showed up walked away with tons of freebies. Photo: Mulligan


The already big LBC scene just keeps on growing. Local check in to collect raffle tickets, free shirts, and other swag. Photo: Mulligan


DJ Forest let’s a local get in on the microphone action. Photo: Mulligan


Bowl section overview, and vert wall carve by Erik Engstrom. Photo: Mulligan


Rooftop gets tubular. Photo: Mulligan


More raffle action. Photo: Mulligan


Odyssey’s Jim Bauer spins a triple decker barspin. Photo: Mulligan


Get ’em while they’re hot… Photo: Mulligan


Nothing beats a BBQ at a jam session. Ball Park hooked it up proper. Photo: Mulligan


Etnies brought out the big rig and parked it front and center. Photo: Mulligan


Hot dogs, triple decker bikes, and an awesome day at the park. Photo: Mulligan


TransWorld’s P-Lo chillin’ Schwinn style. Photo: Mullgan


Lalo rips up the flatland area. Photo: Mulligan


Local shredder and future flatland pro. Photo: Mulligan


Ed Nussbaum rollin’ and representin’. Photo: Mulligan


Everyone wanted to check out Odyssey’s wacky bikes, including their sidehack. Photo: Mulligan


The flatland jam was rad with a number of guys in attendance. Ed and Lalo take a break and watch the others in between sessions. Photo: Mulligan


Jim Bauer busts a move in the flat circle on the tall boy. Photo: Mulligan


Koit, cruisin’. Photo: Mulligan


Ed Nussbaum. Photo: Mulligan


Koit. Photo: Mulligan


Riverside’s Revenge rider Ryan Russell. Rrrrr! Photo: Mulligan


The decks were packed. Photo: Mulligan


Waitin’ to drop in… Photo: Mulligan


If Brian Blyther had entered the high air comp, we would have needed to make a higher measuring pole. Next time, Brian! Photo: Mulligan


The etnies tent had plenty of Aaron Ross’ colorways to check out, and lots of kids went home stoked with free new kicks. Photo: Mulligan


More riders checking out the riding. Photo: Mulligan


UFO invert under a helicopter. Photo: Mulligan


Brett Walker made it out to hang for the day. Photo: Mulligan


Bowl transfer by Eric Hough, while Fudger lights up the sky. Photo: Mulligan


Daniel Sandoval hovering at 12 feet during the high air comp. Photo: Mulligan


Tyler Rosen came close, but couldn’t top Daniel’s height. Photo: Mulligan


$250 richer and all smiles; high air winner Daniel Sandoval. Photo: Mulligan


Brett Walker and Nick from etnies’ hand out posters and freebies for the kids. Photo: Mulligan


One of many stoked raffle winners. Photo: Mulligan


Trails is shouting and a free frame from Fit rules. This kid was stoked. Photo: Mulligan


Another free Fit frame winner. Photo; Mulligan


Garrett Ratliff rode hard all day long and impressed us enough that we awarded him a free week to Woodward West. Congrats Garrett and thanks Woodward Camp! Photo: Mulligan


Tyler Rosen blasted big in the high air comp and shredded the park all day long. He was our second choice for a free week at Woodward West and was beyond stoked. Congrats Tyler! Photo: Mulligan