Our January/February issue of RideBMX features the Mike Hoder interview, 20th annual NORA Cup, Sunday Grow Up, Twice Exposed photo essay, Reed Stark, Scott Towne, Linwood Monk, Leandro Moreira, Van Homan, and more…


Most everything Mike Hoder does typically involves a lot of speed, so half-crank to quick fence hop to straight bomb drop is a little out of the ordinary for him, but that doesn't make it any less scary. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

On Sale Date: 12/8/16

– Departments –

Linwood Monk goes the distance with a gnarly tire ride, Leandro Moreira does a perfect plank in mid-air, and Van Homan slings a barspin at what is quite possibly the worst “cool” looking spot ever.

Pro Q&A: Reed Stark
Well read, well traveled, and seemingly fearless on a bike, Reed Stark is one rider you need to know more about—and here’s your chance.

Some of the latest goods from some of the greatest brands in BMX.

Attire to wear when busting moves on a BMX bicycle, as well as some more suited for taking your girl on a date, and in some cases, both.

Unsung Hero: Scott Towne
He’s 51 years old, rides more than you, and he’s lent a hand in pretty much every facet of BMX in the last four decades. It’s time to recognize a true lifer.

Focus: Ryan “Biz” Jordan Edition
Ethan Corriere, Jack Kelly, Julian Arteaga, Tom Villarreal, Jesse Hildebrandt, Johnny Atencio, and Mark Gralla all got the distinct pleasure of having the one and only Ryan “Biz” Jordan write their captions this issue.

Final Frame:
Alex Duleba racks up mad street cred with one swift carve… on a moving bus!

– Features –

20 Years Of NORA Cup
The most prestigious award in BMX turned 20 this year. For this NORA Cup milestone we added the new Legend award, which we gave it to the late, Dave Mirra. Our annual celebration of the best riding of the year had some new faces on stage this year—which was awesome to see—and you can see it all in this issue.

Sunday Grow Up
Sunday spent the last two years working on a full-length video called Grow Up—which they managed to keep relatively under wraps the entire time. Now that the video is done, they're finally talking about it. The article kicks off with an intro by Sunday's TM and Grow Up filmer/editor, Walter Pieringer, and follows through with words from the Sunday pro team on some of their experiences while working on the video.

Mike Hoder Interview
Mike Hoder has been on the scene for a minute now, and he’s been blowing our minds with his signature go-huge riding style—leaving countless insane feats in his wake. Mike's unrestrained style doesn't end with the bike riding, though. He's gone through tumultuous times to say the least, and he's quite literally, lucky to be alive today to talk about some of them. This is one interview you don't want to miss.

Twice Exposed
Ride's very own Ryan Fudger is damn fine photographer, and you don't need to look past his Twice Exposed photo essay to see that. You just need to see the photos to fully understand and comprehend what I’m talking about, but simply put, he went around San Diego with his 35mm camera shooting a bunch of random things, and then once the roll was done, he reloaded it back into his camera and shot riding photos. The end result is nothing like what you'll find on Instagram.

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