Our November/December issue of RideBMX features GT in Connecticut, Reed Stark, Lahsaan Kobza, Ed Zunda, and Joris Coulomb in Japan, an interview with Jake Seeley, the Fiend DIY Jams, Alex Kennedy, Johnny Raekes, and more…


This is the real deal right here, the heavyweight of all 60/40s. Jeff Ludwig came out swingin’ on this one and although that kink put up a good fight, Jeff won the war. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

On Sale Date: 10/7/16

– Departments –

A Mega Ramp in the backyard of a world famous skater, a pool in the middle of the desert at night, and a grimy ditch in downtown LA… Zack Warden, Gary Young, and Jason Phelan get down.

Pro Q&A: Alex Kennedy
"I'm choosing not to be concerned about the next trend and instead just focusing on what feels good for me and how I can continue to keep riding fun and progressive." Read these wise words and more from one of the most progressive and stylish streets riders today.

Some of the latest goods from some of the greatest brands in BMX.

Attire to wear when busting moves on a BMX bicycle, as well as some more suited for taking your girl on a date, and in some cases, both.

Spotlight: Johnny Raekes
As if riding for Fiend and Animal doesn’t carry enough weight, you know this kid is legit when Garrett Reynolds says “He's the most talented am out right now.”

Focus: Kyle Hart Edition
What could possibly make a collection of photos of Broc Raiford, Ty Morrow, Eric Bahlman, Colt Fake, Iz Pulido, Ryan Howard, Trey Jones, Augie Simoncini, Troy McMurray, Brandon Begin any better? Well, ridiculous captions written by Kyle Hart, of course.

Final Frame:
Roof drops, brick walls, and metal pegs… Ty Callais, helping keep raw street riding alive.

– Features –

GT Bikes in Connecticut
GT’s Brian Kachinsky, Dan Conway, Jason Phelan, Albert Mercado, Jeff Ludwig, and Jordan Grandinetti sample the surprisingly abundant array of spots in Connecticut.

The motley crew consisting of Reed Stark, Lahsaan Kobza, Ed Zunda, and Joris Coulomb experience the streets and culture of Tokyo, Japan.

Jake Seeley Interview
Get inside the mind of the uber technical setup virtuoso Jake Seeley.

Constructing The Scene
With the help of Fiend, we put our DIY ethos in full throttle and built stuff to ride in San Diego and Long Beach and then blew out the spots with two jams.

Huge thanks to Vans, Dan’s Comp, Profile, Maxxis, GT, and Haro for supporting this issue.

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