Our September/October issue of RideBMX features an interview with Morgan Long, The Ramp II with Alex Donnachie and Kevin Kalkoff, Dennis Enarson: Down The Street, Éclat in Montreal, Tyler Fernengel, Christian Rigal, Julian Arteaga, Chase DeHart, and more…


It's a good thing that Morgan Long is no stranger to riding roofs, because this Long Beach spot is a lot harder to ride than it looks. With a super short runway, the 180 bar was kinda tricky, and the equally short landing zone made the roll out super sketchy. Morgan's wheels actually came scarily close to the edge a few times while rolling out. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

On Sale Date: 8/12/16

– Departments –

It’s all about riders getting theirs by any means necessary this issue… Christian Rigal rides a freeway bridge at night, Julian Arteaga rolls-in on a roof under the watchful eye of the building owner, and Chase DeHart nails his at a high bust spot with the security standing there.

Pro Q&A: Tyler Fernengel
“I like to do things that are literally one slip away from life and death.” Yup, Tyler is fearless, but we already knew that—here’s your chance to learn more about him thanks to all the great reader submitted questions.

Some of the latest goods from some of the greatest brands in BMX.

Attire to wear when busting moves on a BMX bicycle, as well as some more suited for taking your girl on a date, and in some cases, both.

Focus: Tony Hamlin Edition
Great photos of Alex Kennedy, Mike Almodovar, Travis Hughes, Jordan Hango, Larry Edgar, Albert Mercado, and Chris Childs, matched with Tony Hamlin’s wacky captions… need we say more?

Final Frame:
Consider it a BMX postcard from NYC with Billy Perry…

– Features –

The Ramp II: Alex Donnachie & Kevin Kalkoff
Pair up Alex Donnachie’s mind blowing technical skills and deep bag of tricks with Kevin Kalkoff’s speed and style, the city of San Diego, and The Ramp, and the options are endless. See how these dudes used The Ramp to unlock new doors on the heavily ridden streets of San Diego.

Summer In The City: Éclat In Montreal
The entire Éclat squad (minus Darryl Tocco and Geoff Slattery) with the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada at their disposal. The dudes went in and rode some many amazing spots—actual street spots all over the city and not just the Olympic Stadium.

Dennis Enarson: Down The Street
The premise is simple, Dennis Enarson shreds anything and everything within pedaling distance from his new house outside downtown San Diego. All bangs, as usual.

Morgan Long Interview
Ever since he relocated to LA from the Midwest when he was 18, Morgan Long has been on an unwavering path to being a pro. The dude has paid his dues through two major back-to-back injuries and necessary lifestyle choices. Morgan is a modern day BMX pro at the top of his game, who lives in a crowded BMX house and wrenches on bikes for three days a week to help make ends meet—while still pushing his brand of pegless street riding to new heights on the regs.


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