For nearly two and a half years, the family, friends, and all of his BMX brothers have been asking, “Where’s Brian Histand?” Reported sightings along the way kept the dream that maybe, just maybe, Brian was off somewhere kicking ass in some sort of scene from Into The Wild. But, apparently we were wrong. According to the Facebook page ran by his parents, Brian’s remains were found in the same area he went missing.

My sincere condolences to the entire Histand family and, of course, to all his friends and the riders around the world that helped spread the word in hopes of finding him well… I’ll end this post with some well-put words courtesy of Ryan Navazio and one of Brian’s many amazing sections:

“Since Brian went missing I’ve had this reoccurring dream that he just shows up at some random place and is immediately surrounded by people he knows. No one can believe he’s back but he just acts like nothing happened, as if he never left. I guess that’s how Brian was in life. He would surprise and amaze you but to him it was no big deal. We’ve all missed him but now we finally say goodbye. Rest in Peace Brian Histand.”