Over the course of 2018, Profile Racing has been taking us through their history from how they got their start in 1968 all the way up until this year! Over their 50 years, they’ve built this company, created countless amazing products for BMX, MTB, cars and more. In that time, they’ve refined and dialed in their operation to the well oiled machine it is today. This week, we get the final Legacy piece that takes a look back on 2017 and 2018 where they have focused in on Madera‘s popular Gulfcoaster Hub that is based off Profile’s Z-Coaster at a more affordable price. They also have released a very special, limited edition part to celebrate their 50th anniversary that you can check out RIGHT HERE!

Below you an also take a look at the latest From The Dungeon Episode where Profile’s owner, Jim Alley discusses how their MTB program got its start and a member of their team they lost that was very crucial to its beginnings.

In celebration of Profile Racing’s 50th anniversary, owner and founder, Jim Alley, invites us into the company’s original Florida location where some sections of this dark and dusty industrial cave have been sealed off since 2004.
Over time, this building (appropriately named “The Dungeon” by employees) has become a time capsule; a host to historical artifacts capturing Profile’s legacy in both the automotive and bicycle industry.
Join us on this multi-episode series as we press record and let Jim imbue his wealth of knowledge on conjured pieces of the past.

This is From the Dungeon.

Episode #8: Our MTB Roots. A True Time Capsule.

On episode #8 of From the Dungeon, Jim Alley pays homage to Dave Robichaux and his contributions within our frame fabrication and history within the MTB community (circa 1999 to 2001).

In memory of Dave Robichaux.
You can check out the complete history of Profile Racing as we cover each of it’s 50 years, weekly, over the course of 2018.
Check it out at www.profileracing.com