By David Eidson

The Voxom Freestyle Wheelset is a good value for $159.

A couple of months ago I got a call from Scot asking me if I wanted to do a wheel test. “Well,” he said, “really it’s a hub test”. My first question was “What kind of hubs.” He told me it was a Voxom hub, which kind of threw me because I had never heard of Voxom. Scot explained to me that it was Nirve’s component line. My second question was “What do you want me to do to test them?” “Drop’em” he said.

I live in Athens Georgia, and if you’ve ever been to Athens you know that there’s plenty of stupid shit to ride your bike off of. So I just rode them hard for about a month. I dropped off things to grass, wood, dirt and concrete. I did drops to flat and drops with transition landings. After all of the abuse, I never saw a problem with the hub. No stress cracks, no crushed bearings, no real apparent weaknesses.

“Drop trauma” is one way to test a hub. The other is grinding shit, and ledges are also very abundant in Athens. Grinding seemed to bother these hubs a little more. After just a few grinds the rear hub guard, an aluminum cup that threads on the left side of the wheel and protects the hub, backed up against my frame and kept my wheel from rolling. However, that only took one good tightening and the problem was taken care of. I also bent an axle, but that is a pretty consistent problem I’ve had with every hub I’ve ridden.

Overall I didn’t have any real problems with these hubs. They do look a little different, but they seem to be just as strong as any other hub out there.

Voxom Freestyle Wheelsets retail for $159 and are built with triple-wall Alex rims and Voxom hubs. The Voxom hubs have a 3/8″ front axle and a 14mm rear axle. Replacement axles are available through Voxom’s warranty department if they break, but are not available for purchase. For more information contact Voxom at