Tim "Fuzzy" Hall

When you’re talking about legends of dirt jumping, one of the first names that should be spoken is Tim “Fuzzy” Hall’s. The Fuzz has invented more tricks than you can imagine, has inspired countless throngs of young trail riders, and hasn’t gone a minute of his life without having a smile on his face. Fact.

So what’s Fuzzy shredding on these days? Redline’s stylish Device frame. Read on and scroll down to check the photos for the up close and personal details… 

Residence: Kaysville, Utah

Sponsors: Redline, Skullcandy, Ogio, Vans, X-Balm, 50/50, Kicker


Frame: Redline Device, 20.75" (top tube)

Fork:? S&M Pitchfork

Bars:? S&M Beringer

Stem:? S&M Redneck

Grips:? Animal Edwin Delarosa

Barends:? Animal Edwin DeLaRosa, plastic

Headset:? Cane Creek IS-2I

Seatpost: Redline Pivitol

Clamp:?? Redline

Seat:? Animal Pivitol

Cranks:? Redline Device, 180mm

Bottom Bracket: Redline Device

Sprocket:? Imperial, 30-tooth

Chain:? KMC

Brakes:? Fly U-Brake

Cable:? Odyssey Linear Slic Kable

Brake Lever:? Odyssey Monolever

Front Tire:? Demolition Trail Slayer, 20 x 2.10"

Front Wheel:? Sun Rhyno Lite, Redline Device 36-hole hub (sealed bearing)

Rear Tire:? Demolition Trail Slayer, 20 x 1.90"

Rear Wheel:? Sun Rhyno Lite, Redline Device 36-hole hub (sealed bearing), Redline Cassette hub (10-tooth)

Chain Tensioners: None

Pegs: None

Pedals:? Animal platform



I Cut ¾" off each side of my bars, cut front axle, and I have a zip-tie holding the cable to my frame.


The paintjob is pretty awesome on your frame, tell us about it.

Our Art director Evan Moss is great and is always on the hunt for great ideas for colors that suit the Device frame, and this will be a color run for 2009. It reminds me of the early 90's… The color run will be called "Trick Star".


You cut your front axles, but not your rear. What's going on there?

The Hack-saw at 50/50 got so dull I had to give up and haven't had time to go get a new blade!


How do you set up your bars? They look like they're back a bit.

I have always run my bars back a slight bit from the fork angle.


What PSI do you usually run?

Super low…I run 60 PSI.


Do you do all the work on your bike?



Were these the cranks you had on your white bike? The black paint needs a touch-up…

Redline can't keep Device cranks in stock—best cranks out! So I just painted my old ones.


Who does Imperial and why do you like their sprockets?

It's a rider from Idaho that comes down to 50/50 all the time. He has his own machine shop and sells them at 50/50.


What's up with the gold bottom bracket?

It was at 50/50 and I needed a spacer. It worked perfect.


What was the last major thing you switched up on your bike (or your bike's style) and why?

The only thing that I really do is cut my bar length ¾-inch on each side. Other than that, it's pretty simple.