Bike Check: Josh Harrington

OG Greenville shredder and multi-NORA Cup winner, Josh Harrington’s got one sweet ride. Loaded with Premium parts, his signature Premium frame is built to destroy. If you’ve seen End Search you know what Josh and his bike are capable of. Here are the specs, photos, and lowdown straight from Josh. Check it, yo…

What’s he pointing at? The baddest bike in Greenville? We’ll have to see what the rest of Pro Town’s residents have to say about that… Photo: Mulligan

Age: 25
Residence: Greenville, North Carolina
Sponsors: Premium Products, Vans, Oakley

Frame: Premium Josh Harrington, 21.25" top tube (prototype)
Fork: Premium Lite
Bars: S&M Grand Slam XLT
Stem: Premium Sub 10
Grips: Premium Counterfeit
Bar ends: Plastic
Headset: FSA Internal
Seatpost: Premium Pivotal
Seat Post Clamp: Premium
Seat: Premium Pivotal
Cranks: Premium Lite
Sprocket: Premium
Chain: KMC
Brakes: Demolition
Cable: Demolition
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Front Tire: KHE Dirt (foldable)
Front Wheel: Premium Feather Lite
Rear Tire: KHE
Rear Wheel: Premium
Hub Guard: FBM
Pegs: Fly
Pedals: Premium Thin Pedals

Any modifications?

I cut my bars a little.

How tall are you right this very minute?

6' 4".

Lots of tall riders, especially those new to BMX, get confused on how to set up their bike. How is your bike set up to fit you and what's your advice to tall riders putting a new bike together?
I have a long top tube—21.25", which I think is standard for a lot of taller riders (Chris Doyle, Brian Foster…), and I run my bars a tad more forward to make some room up front. I also have a little longer back end—14.25" to balance things out. My bars are pretty wide as well, and you definitely want something higher than 8-inches. Ultimately, I would say that the more you ride the more comfortable you are going to feel on your bike. No matter how tall you are, you can feel normal on a nice stretched-out setup.

How do you place your bars?
My bars are just a bit more forward than even with the forks. I can't run my setup super raked-out because it just doesn't feel like I have control. I would say they are a little more forward than the average rider.

Are you a fan of front-load stems or is that just your current choice?
I think the front load stem looks better and I've had no problems with the Sub 10, so I say if it ain't broke don't fix it.

What do your brakes feel like? How do you like them?
My brakes feel perfect at the moment. A straight cable really helps out with that. They are super smooth and don't slip. That's all I need.

Any plans of taking the brakes off or putting on a detangler, or you going to keep it real with the single straight cable?
I change it up all the time to keep things fresh, so you could probably see both in the near future.

This bike is super clean and simple. Do you obsess over how your bikes are or any particular aspect of your bike?
I really like my bike to be running nice and looking clean. That motivates me to ride and to be psyched on what I'm riding.

What P.S.I. do you usually run?
I run 80 on street, 90 in the park.

Do you do all the work on your bike?
Of course.

This bike has some light parts on it. How concerned are you with bike weight?
I think it's gross to make your bike look like a scooter to get one more tailwhip in. For me it's about the bike feeling solid, looking good, and just not being a tank like it was five years ago.

What is it weighing in at?
I think she weighs in about 25 pounds, but I'm not sure. The frame is about 4 pounds.

What was the last major thing you switched up on your bike (or your bike's style) and why?
Went to a straight cable from no brakes. It was because of A.D.D. and a lot of my favorite riders run it like that—Doyle, Foster!

Is this the baddest bike in Greenville?