Premium got a small squad together and shacked up deep in the heart of Brooklyn for a week of cruising the city streets. From the sites and smells, to the highly fruitful spot search, everything was perfect. But back in California things weren’t so perfect for Chad Kerley. Chad had to cancel the trip last minute due to an injury, so in stepped special guest Mike Gray (Haro pro) who joined the crew of Brock Olive, Josh de Reus, Blake Peters, local cat Stephon Fung, and Premium TM/functioning 2nd angle lensman Colin Mackay. With a crew this diverse, we clocked some serious hammers, but also a lot of casual cruising lines through the many parks, plazas, alleys, etc that New York City has to offer. This is what BMX in NYC is all about, mobbing through the streets, over the bridges, in and out of the borrows, all with a big group of your homies… and that’s exactly what we did.

Pick up a copy of RideBMX Magazine Issue 210 for the full story and pictorial goods.

Film/Edit – Zach Krejmas

2nd camera – Colin Mackay

Music: “Deep Shit” – Dem Boyz FTW

“The Mad Writer” – L’Orange