The Pravada crew out in Russia are back with a new one. This time around we get a video from a trip they took to Israel to cruise the spots and stack some clips! When you have guys like the Bespaliy brothers and Alon Kosoy out cruising spots, you know some heavy clips are going down. Take a look!

In November 2018, together with our old friends, and now full members of the Tusa brothers Igor and Max Bespaly, we set off to conquer the expanses of the Middle East. Israel is a very colorful and interesting country for skiing. For two weeks we visited 7 cities. We had local guys with us: Sasha Kozhokar, Max Khodchenko, Alon Kosoy. In winter, in Israel, it gets dark at 4 o’clock, every day was a battle for the trick that was taken off, the result was a five minute edit, which you can contemplate. Respect to all those involved in our trip, to all who support us and buy merch, all of this would not have happened without you.

Shooting / editing: Alexey Raizman, Andrey Vasilyev.