For this week’s edition of One Hot Product, we’re going to look at the Ogio Monster Golf Travel Bag. While it might be labeled as a “golf bag,” this thing is certainly multipurpose and is the bag of choice of many of today’s jet setting pro riders. And for good reason too–the bag eliminates the stress and headaches of dealing with having a bike at the airport. While duffel bags or hockey bags might do the trick, the Ogio bag combines convenience with stealth. A sturdy base and wheels make carrying this thing fully loaded a breeze, and there is minimal disassembly of your bike necessary to fit everything in there without issue. After taking off your front wheel, forks, and bars and strapping them all into the bag, you can cover up the bike with the cloth flaps on the inside to protect your greasy machine from the rest of your goods. I’ve used this bag personally on several trips and I can’t imagine going back to the old bag setup I used to have. If you’re an avid traveler via airplane, I’d highly recommend looking into the Monster Golf Travel bag–you won’t be disappointed.