Love 'em or hate 'em, four-piece bars are making a comeback and today they are bigger than ever—as in taller and wider. There are even a number of pro rider signature models available as well. If you're considering going to four-piece, here are some of your options.

Price: $69.99 – $74.99
Weight: 27.4 oz.
Colors: Black, white, chrome
Rise: 8.25″
Width: 28″
Upsweep: 5°
Backsweep: 11°
Multi-butted chromoly with full post-weld heat treatment.

Bone Deth
Deadman v2 (Sean Burns signature)
Price: $84.99 (black), $94.99 (chrome)
Weight: 37.2 oz. (8.5″ rise)
Colors: Gloss Coffin Black, Chrome-A-Toast
Rise: 8.0″, 8.5″, 9.0″
Width: 28″
Upsweep: 3°
Backsweep: 10°
100% post-weld heat-treated straight gauge tapered 4130 chromoly tubing, anti-rust ED coating, and masked knurling for better stem clamping.

Century Bar (Troy Merkle Signature)
Price: $69.99
Weight: 29 oz.
Colors: Black, raw
Rise: 8.15"
Width: 28"
Upsweep: 5°
Backsweep: 10°
American made with a narrow box design to allow you to run full-length grips not on the bends at 24.5" wide.

Benny 4PC (Ben Lewis signature)
Price: $64.99 ($74.99 chrome)
Weight: 2.15 lbs.
Colors: Chrome, matte black
Rise: 8.85″
Width: 28.5″
Upsweep: 4°
Backsweep: 10.5°
American made from full post-weld 4Q-Baked heat-treated 4130 chromoly and features a big box design, a large top bend to increase strength and straight gauge .065″ wall (.083" wall clamping area) 4130 chromoly tubing.


Vultus 4pc
Price: $69.99
Weight: 25.4 (8.0″ rise)
Colors: Black, dark red, purple, white,
Rise: 8.0″, 8.25″, 8.5″
Width: 28″
Upsweep: 3°
Backsweep: 10°
Unique tear shaped crossbar with 4-piece construction, 100% post-weld heat treated-13 butted chromoly.

Thrash Bar
Price: $64.99
Weight: 1.87 lbs.
Colors: Black, raw, chrome
Rise: 8.69"
Width: 29″
Upsweep: 1°
Backsweep: 11°

Party Bars (Kyle Hart signature)
Price: $74.99
Weight: 34.8 oz.
Colors: Dr. Maroon, Party Splatter, Money Green, black, chrome
Rise: 8.5″
Width: 28″
Upsweep: 1°
Backsweep: 12°
Straight gauge tapered 4130 chromoly tubing with butted crossbar, 100% post-weld heat-treated, anti-rust ED coating with masked knurling for better stem clamping.

Everlite V4
Weight: 1.76 lbs.
Colors: Trans blue, trans red, black, raw, chrome
Rise: 8.5″
Width: 28.5″
Upsweep: 5°
Backsweep: 12°
Post heat-treated 4130 chromoly, 7/8" multi-butted tubing.

Salt City Bars (Shawn "Elf" Walters Signature)
Price: $79.95
Weight:  1lb 12oz.
Colors: Black, raw with clear coat
Rise: 8.2″
Width: 28″
Upsweep: 4°
Backsweep: 9°
Multi-butted, cut line guide grooves, T-1 logo cutout of end cap.

Standard Byke Co.
Strip Bar
Price: $75
Weight:  varies depending on size
Colors: Trans red, trans blue, raw with clear coat, black, white
Rise: 7.75", 8″, 8.25", 8.5", 9", 10"
Upsweep: 2°
Backsweep: 10°
Custom geometry is also available.

Custom, made to order, four-piece bars.
Price: $80 (less without paint)
Colors: "Color of your choice. Painted using automotive grade paints with clear coat. Or if you want them raw with no paint we do that, too."
"If you don’t know exactly what you want spec-wise, we will help you figure it out based on what style of riding you do. From zero sweep to whatever you want, and anything in between, we can do it. Available in any rise, width, up, and back sweep. Rider owned and rider made—in the USA."