With Trey Jones’ signature frame from Cult just getting in their hands yesterday along with the awesome promo for it, there’s no better time to hit Trey with a few questions about his frame...

Top Tube: 20,20.5,20.75,21,21.5
Head Tube: 75.4-degrees
Seat Tube: 71-degree
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7″
Chainstay Length:  13.5"
Stand over height: 8.5" on 20.5"/20.75" and 9" stand over on 21"/21.25"
Other features: Welded on “grind plates,” removable mounts, mid BB.
Includes: brake mounts, cable stop and detangler tabs.
Weight: 5.4lbs

Yoo, Trey, how goes it?
I'm doing fantastic, enjoying the amazing Florida winter

What’s it like to get a signature frame alongside a heavy crew of dudes on the Cult squad?
It feels awesome; it's weird because I don’t ever think of any of the guys on the team as big name pros even they are, they are all just my really good friends that happen to be pros

How long has your signature frame been in the works?
It actually came about pretty fast, Robbie just told me about this idea he had for the grind plates and was asking my opinion on it and I was into it thinking it was going to be on the new OS Frame or something. Then one day he was like would you want this on your own frame and I was like O HELL YEAH

From the initial design to production, how versions have you gone through?
Just one [laughs]; it was perfect from the first prototype

You’re a pretty opinionated dude and you know what you like, what sort of angles/features were mandatory on your frame?
I’m pretty easy when it comes to all that stuff, I can get used to just about anything so I pretty much wanted what I was already riding which was the death row. The head tube is a little steeper because I ride my bars a little far forward so now I can ride my bars straight up and down and they feel slightly forward.

The most unique feature of your frame is the chainstay grind plates. Can you explain your thoughts behind ’em?
Yeah they are ripping! I don’t run pegs and I do a lot of front and back pedal grinds when I ride street and my frame always gets really beat up along the chain stays because of it, so the grind plates help with that a lot. I feel like it makes the frame different from typical super clean frame that comes in a bunch of nickelodeon colors. I think its cool that it's something different and a little more gnarly and especially the fact that its similar the Garrett Byrnes t1 frame makes it that much sicker in my eyes

What’s up with the no-paint option?
Instant rust, we were thinking about also doing an all over confederate flag paint job but we decided to do raw instead. Oil slick and tie-dye colors will be available on the 2015 models.

Heard you are also hand made the design for the stickers?
I wanted to do some type of collage deal and I had a bunch of random flyers and artwork laying around so I cut it all out of taped it all together, I scanned it all in a dialed it in Photoshop and sent ’em to Adam Roye

Anything else I’m missing?
The dimensions on the frame are HT: 75.4 CS: 13.50 BB: 11.7 and it comes with a life size cut out of stone cold Steve Austin

Thanks of course to Robbie for making this happen, without him I wouldn’t be where I am much less have a sig frame, Ronnie B and Chadwick at shadow for always killing it and letting me be apart of the new Shadow DVD coming out soon! Scott Towne at Dan’s Comp for being awesome and Jerry Badders at Vans for always hooking it up. AND STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN FOR BEING THE TOUGHEST SOB IN ALL OF BMX AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!