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Odyssey brought a few of their pro team’s heaviest hitters across the pond to rip the streets of London with some of their distro teammates and boy did this crew crush it! From the tech stylings of Broc Raiford and Travis Hughes to Gary Young and Justin Spriet flat out pedaling at shit, this crew came to handle business. And you’d think it’d be hard for the local boys to get in the mix with all that insanity, but Tariq Haouche, Olly Rendle, and Brad McNicol all hold heir own in here too. Between the riding, the music and the vibe of this one, you just got another dope video to watch before you go ride this year!

“Gary Young, Broc Raiford, Justin Spriet, Travis Hughes, Tariq Haouche, Olly Rendle, and Brad McNicol took to the streets of London and THREW DOWN on unique UK spots. Huge thanks to IMG Distribution for all the hospitality, our killer tour guide Toby Goodyear, and all the rad locals we rode with!”

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