Joshua Lucero from Occasion zine out of Denver put this video together on correlation with the second issue. The all street video has a feel good low-fi vibe and features all the dudes Joshua rides with and who support Occasion zine. The Denver scene is amazing in so many ways and this is just more proof of that. Also, Occasion zine accepts submissions from anywhere.

“Old clips, new clips, and used clips from some of the guys featured in Occasion issue 1 and the upcoming Issue II. Occasion zine issue II out soon. IYKYK. Riders: Chris Andrijiw, Paul Smith, Clint Zabodyn, James Pacowatchit, Dustin Arp, Devin Burks, Betty, Kyle Davies, Jaron Turnbow, Ryan Montes, Byron Richson, Duke Dustman, Ben Linschoten, and Russell Ridulfo.”

Song: Dope Lemon – Home Soon

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