The winners of the 2017 NORA Cup awards… As always, these are the dudes who killed it the hardest this year according to the votes by their fellow pros—and there's the Reader's Choice Rider Of The Year, too. We had a couple of changes of this year, including the new Number One Trail Rider and Number One Transition Rider awards taking place of the Number One Dirt Rider award. And the award for Number One Flatlander was awarded to Jean William Prevost at the Voodoo Jam in New Orleans the night before the NORA Cup awards in Hastings, England. Thanks to Chris Doyle for being an incredible host and to the legendary cast of presenters including Amos Burke, Dan Price, Van Homan, Fids, James Cox, Robbie Morales, and Fathead, too. And finally, a huge thanks to everyone who showed up, cheered, partied, and supported NORA Cup, including our sponsors who helped make it all possible: Monster Energy, Source BMX, GT, Kink, Mongoose, Subrosa, Cinema, G-Form ODI, and Worm.

Reader's Choice Rider Of The Year: Larry Edgar
The master blaster himself shot straight to the top of the list for Reader’s Choice. Larry had an awesome year taking home the overall winner from the Vans BMX Pro Cup series and generally just killing it every moment he touched his bike.

Number One Street Rider: Nathan Williams
Number One Video Part: Nathan Williams – Chapters Etnies
Wow! Nathan made NORA Cup history Sunday night with the first back-to-back two years in a row double NORA Cup wins for Street and Video Part. Nathan did a sweep last year with his section from Still United and there was plenty of talk about how crazy his section was Etnies' Chapters was going to be—and it lived up to all the hype. Nathan ended up winning Number One Video Part by a landslide two years in a row.


Number One Trail Rider: Cody Diggle
Having an award that specifically recognizes trail riders and the trail community was probably over due, but hey, better late than never, right? The first annual Number One Trail Rider award went to New England shredder Cody Diggle.

Number One Transition Rider: Dennis Enarson
It should come as no surprise that Dennis Enarson has won four NORA Cups for Number One Ramp Rider… And now it looks like he'll have to start a new shelf for Number One Transition Rider awards.

Number One Video: Chapters – Etnies
Number One Video, Video Part, and Nathan’s Number One Street Rider… the 21st chapter of NORA Cup belongs to Etnies. If you still haven’t seen Chapters yet, you know what to do…


Number One Flatlander: Jean William Prevost
With the heart of the flatland community in New Orleans for the Voodoo Jam the same weekend as NORA Cup, it only made sense for the Number One Flatlander award to be given away there. After a killer contest, Jean William Prevost was awarded his cup amongst his peers and partied in New Orleans.

Legend Award: Ruben Alcantara

Ruben Alcantara is one of the most influential riders BMX has ever known. He’s a pioneer, a trend setter, and an innovator—and many times over. But the best part is that he’s also one of the most humble and grounded people you’d ever hope to meet. Seeing Ruben on stage receiving his award this year was what NORA Cup is all about.