We don’t see nearly enough footage coming out of the Kansas City area, but it’s safe to say they have a good scene going on out that way! Here’s a video from their annual No Coast Roast & Toast Jam that went down at the skatepark. This gives you a look at the riding, the long jump contest, the tireless bike races, the death race and good times that went down throughout the day. It’s safe to say this was another successful jam! Take a look!

No Coast Roast and Toast is one of annual bmx jams hosted in Kansas City, Missouri to promote bmx in the midwest and keep bmx alive. Kansas City jams have always been about having fun on your bike and are more of a party with bikes than a competition. Bmx is alive and well in fly over country, just see for yourself!

Corners- Pressure
Natural Child- Crack Mountain
Circle Jerks- Live Fast Die Young
Naughty by Nature- Feel me Flow