Press Release:

ESPN Consumer Products Launches XG3 by X Games – A New Performance Collection from X Games

XG3 Kicks-off with Mat Hoffman BMX Bike Collaboration To Celebrate  15 Years of X Games

ESPN Consumer Products announced today the launch of XG3 by X Games, a brand built on the foundation of the world's foremost action sports competition – the X Games.  XG3 was developed to honor the progression, creativity and community of 15 years of X Games and will span the three cornerstone action sports: bike, skate and snow.  The brand will debut this month in collaboration with X Games BMX legend Mat Hoffman, featuring products with premium components and unique styling specifically designed for the sporting goods and specialty channels.

"XG3 marks ESPN's first foray into high performance action sports gear and will continue to build on the momentum that we have created in consumer products," said Steve Cipolla, vice president and general manager, ESPN Consumer Products.  "Innovation and authenticity are the hallmarks of every ESPN brand – as one of the first BMX superstars, Mat Hoffman perfectly embodies these attributes. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Mat, as we launch XG3 and continue to expand the X Games franchise World-Wide."

XG3 will debut with an exclusive collection of performance BMX bikes by Hyper and protective gear by Bell at Dick's Sporting Goods.  The highlight of the BMX collection will be the Mat Hoffman X Games 15th Anniversary Limited Edition BMX Bike, which will retail at $259.99 (SRP).  Rounding out the collection will be the Park BMX Bike, retailing at $209.99 (SRP); Contact BMX Bike, retailing at $159.99 (SRP); and the Mat Hoffman 15th Anniversary Multi-Sport Helmet retailing at $34.99 (SRP).

"I'm honored to celebrate X Games' 15th anniversary with my Mat Hoffman Limited Edition XG3 BMX bike," said Mat Hoffman. "The X Games has taken action sports to new levels and XG3 will bring that excitement directly to fans."

About ESPN Consumer Products

ESPN Consumer Products serve the fan and reflect the assets and equity of ESPN.  ESPN Consumer Products oversees the development of product lines under the ESPN, X Games, BASS and XG3 brands.  The X Games Consumer Products is a full line of action sports-themed products designed for the action sports fan and enthusiast, product lines include lifestyle apparel, sporting goods and protective gear.

Mat Hoffman is an icon in the world of BMX Freestyle who invented more than 100 revolutionary tricks used in both Freestyle BMX and Motocross today.  He was the first BMX Freestyle rider to successfully complete a 900 and the only one, still, to have executed a No-Handed 900, which occurred during the 2002 X Games.  Hoffman has been instrumental in building the sport and supporting its riders through Hoffman Bikes and Hoffman Promotions/Enterprises, which were both established in1991 and continue to thrive today.  Hoffman has been the BMX organizer for the X Games since 1995.