The following info and photos are from Sidewall Distribution..

Hello everyone, we are excited to inform you that we are about 4 days away from receiving a new shipment of Simple BMX frames, forks, and stems just to name a few. Below are a some of the items that are on this shipment. 

Enigma V2 Frame

Simple Enigma Frame

This frame will feel and ride just like the original Enigma frame you already know, but will feature a lot of updates. The frame will feature smaller diameter tubing, a tapered rear end, machinedBB shell, smaller dropouts, a smaller curved bridge between the chainstays. Weight: 4.4lbs Colors: Purple or White TT Sizes: 20.8″ or 21.05″

New Weaver Frame

Simple Weaver Frame

Simple Weaver Frame

Simple Weaver Frame

This is the Mitch Yeates signature frame, which you have probably already heard of. Mitch has been riding this frame for a while now, and as he states "it's spot on first go". This frame features all the good things too, just like the Enigma v.2 it has slim tubing, tapered rear end, machined BB shell, small dropouts, CNC logo in the headtube.

74.5 headtube, 71 seattube, 352mm chainstays (350 slammed)

Weight: 4.4lbs Colors: Blue to Lt Blue or Black to White TT Sizes: 20.8″, 21″or 21.2″

New Ace Frame

Simple Ace Frame

Simple Ace Frame

This is a frame done in collaboration with the street lads on the team. It's what's considered to be the new wave of frames for the new school riders. 75' headtube, slimmer frame body with lower top tube, short rear end (343mm). Machined BB shell and slim tubing as well (not a tapered rear end).

Weight: 4.4lbs Colors: Matte Black to Gloss or White to Black TT Sizes: 20.9″or 21.1″

New System Stem Color

Simple Stems

New Sprocket Colors

Simple STK Sprockets

New Simple Fork Color

Simple Fork

New Liner Cable Colors

Simple Brake Cables