With the help of DC Shoes, Woodward West built a mega ramp to help further the progress of riding said ramps and to help the next generation of riders get a chance to gain experience as well. Yesterday was the unveiling of the ramp and we were on hand to watch the show as BMX and skate pros including Morgan Wade, Andy Buckworth, Danny Way, and Bob Burnquist sessioned the behemoth ramp.


Morgan Wade, 70 feet worth of superman seatgrab.


Andy Buckworth frontflips the 50.


Morgan Wade could probably go to the moon off this quarter, but he opted for the classic no-hander instead.


Morgan Wade, second whip of a double.


One Man Show Morgan Wade, no-handed backflip.


When I told Morgan he blended into the trees on this shot he said he should just air over them next time. I figured it was best not to persuade him any further.


I don't know who this skater is, but I'd hate to be in his situation here..


Not the scary steep roll-in were all accustomed to seeing in the X Games, but by the time you're at the bottom, the speed is the same.


70-foot gap down the middle and 50 on either side.


It's definitely a lot more scenic than the Staples Center.