The guys over at Giant have announced that they'll be stopping the Mosh program and putting all of their efforts into Giant. With such a big change some Q&A was in order. Heath Pinter fills us in…

So the big news is that the Mosh program is being shelved and all the focus will be on the Giant brand. Fill us in on why and how this came about.
The decision was based off of the constant struggles of having two brands (Mosh and Giant) and not being able to give 100% to either. Giant is now committing 100% to BMX and now we can have more focus and resources given to support what we want to do.

You've been a part of the Mosh team (as a rider, TM, and working on the brand) for many years. Is it hard for you to see it go?
I have been with Mosh since 1999, and yes, it's been hard. Throughout the years we have had great riders on the team and I feel that my best times were on the road with those guys. It's always hard losing riders or when things change on the team, but we have always been fortunate to have good people on the program and having that go away is always hard.

Heath lays one flat during Mosh’s last road trip to Australia this past May. Photo: Mulligan

It's got to be exciting to make changes and start with a clean slate. What changes and new things are in the works and what are you most looking forward to?
It is exciting, and I'm looking forward to doing more things with Giant. The possibilities at Giant are endless; with more focus on the team, more resources for product, and just making the brand more visible. Product has been a strong focus; we've changed the entire line of completes, and developed an all-new line of parts. I'm real excited with everything we are doing now and can't wait to see samples.

Will we ever see the Mosh name/brand return?
We are going to hold on to the Mosh name. Who knows what the future may bring?

What will happen with the Mosh team?
The team has been the hardest part. With us focusing on our Giant bikes and all the Mosh guys riding for great bike companies, it didn't leave too many options. Corey Bohan and myself will be riding Giant completes with Giant parts. Losing the Mosh team has been by far the hardest part of the transition. When everything was said and done I could only think about the team.

The Giant team right now consists of Corey Bohan, Taj Mihelich, and yourself. Will there be some new additions in the near future?
As for now it's Taj, Corey Bohan and myself. Chris Arriaga and Tony Cherry will be a stronger part of the program and I will be working on getting some guys on flow to start. There will be more focus on promoting the guys we have and making the Giant crew more of a team.

Heath and Taj at this year’s Empire of dirt. Heath will remain as Giant TM and team rider along with Taj and Corey Bohan. Photo: Mulligan

Taj has lots of really creative ideas. Any insight as to what we might see with a much bigger focus on Giant with Taj's ideas and input?
Taj is the most well rounded rider Giant has ever had; he rides all the bikes we make and has strong input in all areas, not just BMX. Taj could be one of the most progressive people I have ever met when it comes to design and bike function, and it's great to have Taj on the program. BMX guys are looking at the rest of the bikes differently and the people at Giant are stoked to see a BMX team rider excited to ride different bikes we offer.

With Taj continuing to flow his ideas to Giant you can expect some really cool stuff to appear in the new Giant BMX line. Grizz at the Decoy trails in England. Photo: Mulligan

Mosh did a lot of really great road trips over the years, will you continue to do trips with the Giant team?
For sure. Being on the road with your friends is the best part of BMX. We did do some great road trips with Mosh and I'm looking to doing more with Giant. My focus at Giant will be on the team and making it more of a unit.

You and Chris Arriaga are heading over to China and Taiwan next week to work on the new line. What goes into a trip like that? What goes on with a visit to the factories?
Yeah, Chris Arriaga is now the product manager for Giant's youth program. Chris and I will be over there for ten days visiting our factories in China and Taiwan going over all the new bikes and the new line of Giant parts. Everything in our line has been changed from frame design to all the parts we are using, so the trip will be about seeing the first round of changes and the first samples of parts. We have been working real hard on reshaping things, and I can't wait to see what people think.

Any sneak peek info you can tell us about the new bikes and parts you guys are working on?
Nope…but soon. Nothing crazy, just nice.

Speaking of nice… Giant’s killing machine, Corey Bohan; Paxton’s trails. Photo: Mulligan

How will we see the Giant brand evolve as far as parts and accessories go?
We are working just as hard on new parts as on our frames and completes. We have developed parts for Mosh for years, so it's nothing new to us. We are just more focused and have the tremendous resources of Giant to support us now, and Chris to oversee everything. If we expect to sell parts we are going to do our best at making them the highest quality we can. Our parts line will be complete with every item needed to build a bike, including frames and forks.

What about with complete bikes?
Giant has always sold complete bikes and I feel that while we were doing Mosh we neglected complete bikes. More of our energy went into Mosh parts and advertising Mosh and the team then Giant. Now we have Chris Arriaga and all of our resources pointing at Giant complete bikes along with Giant parts, it's allowed us to make all the changes and develop all the new pieces we need. I'm happy with the complete line we currently offer, but I feel all the changes we've made for next year will be well perceived and even stronger.

What else can we look forward to seeing with Giant?
Simply seeing more Giant.