Apparently body building supplements and five year old Ballpark Franks do not mix well, as ex-professional Mike Spinner has been going on some sort of rampage on his Twitter over the last couple days. Calling out the likes of Morgan Wade, Gary Young, Nate Wessel, Anthony Napolitan, and even, gasp, myself, for apparent misgivings in the past. Normally this wouldn’t be worth a post on the site, as it’s been all a bit nonsensical and borderline sad, but this one has taken a twist worth plumping up (that’s a hot dog joke, dude):

2015-04-13 at 2.11.40 PM


$10,000 for charity will always be a good thing. And at this point, taking it from Spinner seems like some sort of weird bonus. So what do ya say, Morgan? You’ve already done a triple whip 40 feet in the air…this should be cake (not hot dogs).